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From the sixthaxis : "Our man Kamiboy has written his feelings on the issue (which we're editing for publication tomorrow) but tonight Sony's Jack Tretton has spoken out on FFXIII going to Microsoft's 360. Speaking at a round table, Tretton said Microsoft had spent most of their money "trying to curry favor with third parties".

Clearly, he wasn't aware of the situation and was as shocked as the rest of us. "I guess disappointed is clearly an appropriate term, or surprised," he said, adding that "…we've built up our base and that's where we've chosen to spend our dollars" referring to internal first party development as Sony's alternative.

Whether he was implying that the move to multiplatform for Square Enix was more of a Microsoft-subsidised decision than one guided purely by sales reasons we're not prepared to speculate on."


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pwnsause3744d ago

wow, so that neogaf poster was right, they never saw it coming! :0

Black_Jack3744d ago

damn.. i guess thats just business. :S but i would've thought if sony didn't know they'd try and fight back a little, maybe push for timed exclusivity (when i say that i mean get the localised ps3 version out while the 360 version is being finished off.)

i mean they stated that development on the 360 would start when localisation of the ps3 version begins, its my preconception that localisation would be a much quicker process than developing the game on another platform, even with the multiplat crystal tools, then again i'm not a dev.. so meh!

deeznuts3744d ago

at first it was hard to believe they didn't see it coming, but then Square said themselves, they just decided themselves within days of E3. Not hard to keep that a secret for a coupla days.

solidt123744d ago

Yeah I can't imagine how betrayed Jack felt when he saw that knowing he had to present the next day bummer. Either way Sony still has the best line up of games and as for Square Enix they will be dealt with when the tables turn.

OmegaKulu3744d ago

You guys actually think it's real? you can't believe everything that been said in a PR game....

3744d ago
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hunter213744d ago

MS sure did put a lot of money into this. but i wonder it will be worth it for them?.. or they just want to sabotage the ps3?

cmrbe3744d ago

Its already confirmed that they make a list of PS associated games to poach. MS tactics as a corporation is always about destroying the competition so that they become first instead of blazing their own trail and prove their worth. That is what they do in every industry they enter and why alot of people hate them. I don't see them as evil though. Its just business.

Mikelarry3744d ago

make a fine point there. bubbles. ms is doing if you can beat them stop them from being on top. i think wat ms strategy for this gen is to stop ps3 from winning this time. just imagine if the ps3 wins again when next all 3 release another console everyone is gonna get ps4 first then maybe look at what nintendo has to offer and if they have got spare change quickly browse through what ms games are on sale.

jojo3193744d ago

I totally agree. MS isn't doing anything most successful businesses don't do. It's far cheaper, easier and faster to buy competition then to fight it. Right or wrong, it is what it is.

cmrbe3744d ago

that is true but it would have been great if MS would have done their own thing and and expand their own collection of game franchise. They were more innovative last gen with the xbox. If they done their own thing there would be more quality franchise for all gamers and keep the industry vibrant.

Mikelarry3744d ago

but still lost the console war. bah innovative went out the window last gen now is time to try something old and cut throat which seems to be working

dcbronco3744d ago

It's not Microsoft's fault that Sony delayed their console for Blu-ray. Not their fault that Blu-ray cost so much. Not their fault that the Cell processor is so hard to program for. Companies are going multi-platform because the PS3 cost too much to develop for and it has a smaller install base. You have to sell a lot of copies to make money, and most games don't sell enough. Definitely not new IP. Sony had far more developers last generation, the cost of developing for the Cell and Sony's unwillingness to help those developers hurt PS3. Sony has produced several new game series that didn't sell enough and ended up costing Sony money. Microsoft sold most of the companies that didn't bring in money and instead focused on buying games that they have seen and have a better idea of success, a much smarter plan. The 860 million EA payed for Bioware/Pandemic will net them most likely get them 5-6 games in the five years after the deal. It's cost them an additional 150-200 million to make those games and another 50 million to advertise them. And chances are only 2 will sell over 2 million copies. Microsoft will pay 50 million in exclusivity deals for the two or so that will do the best and still have 810 million in the bank. And then collect $10 per copy in licensing fees. 50 million in exclusivity money to Take2 got MS over a million more in sells, over 100 million in licensing fees in return.

StephanieBBB3744d ago

Microsoft is more than taking advantage of Sony. If anyone of you have seen the cartoon "Dexters laboratory" That is a great way of seeing the console war.

Dexter is Sony
Deedee is Nintendo
and Mandark is Microsoft

Deedee(Nintendo) doesn't care about what the others do it just does it's own "thing". Dexter(Sony) Is inventing new stuff all the time and blazing it's own trail. Mandark(Microsoft) is always looking at Dexter(Sony) to make "better" copies and steal stuff of the new inventions it makes, and Mandark(Microsoft) is madly in love with Deedee(Nintendo) for it's looks and attraction.

ThatCanadianGuy3744d ago

That was the best analogy i've herd in a long while

Bubble Buddy3744d ago

I don't know, they paid a lot for GTA4 exclusive content and lots of people I know are still playing CoD4 :p. Wonder how much Microsoft paid for SE to convert.

dcbronco3744d ago

In a situation like that you still win. No matter what , Sony has to react. Sony now has to start helping developers to keep them exclusive, which they have said they don't like to do. They also don't have as much money to compete in that area. They have to sit back and take it. If they do that, future purchases will be based less on exclusives and price will come into play. Microsoft can beat them to the bottom there. And as games like FF13 and MGS 4come to the 360, it hurts Sony's biggest argument, that the PS3 is far more powerful. Sony has already had to break down and offer movies online, which competes directly with Blu-ray. Making the downloads playable on the PSP hurts Blu-ray even more. Microsoft is forcing Sony to kill itself. Price drops, going with downloadable movies and paying for exclusives will all hurt Sony's profits. Add to that Sony seems to have to do far more PS3 games than they would like and fewer and fewer developers are willing to use the PS3 and it all adds up to Sony having a real problem. Even if Sony catches up in console sells by the time the next generation starts, they will have lost this generation. They will have lost money, just to keep up. Sony would be smarter to except defeat this generation and get ready to move on. Or they need to put less time into developing games and more time making tools to help others develop games on their system. They can't win this generation by making games that sell 250,000 copies and then get packaged as a bundle. That's not going to help them. They need others to be willing to take the risk. And for the fanboys that think I'm wrong, back it up with your wallets. Sony could use the money.

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Drewminati3744d ago

i think the probably did much some cash into it. But they also have to money to spend and the probably believe it's a good investment.

And it also shock the entire world, nobody expected it

Lucreto3744d ago

I hope Sony will try and win it back if they didn't know. If he did know Sony let them take it and it would be far worse.

I love competition over titles but this is more MS tact of coercion. Buying up JRPGs to force the RPG crowd to the 360.

na2ru13744d ago

but, sony e3 was clearly the better.

MS e3 clearly a clusterf*ck full of multiplat