Bungie responds to E3 cancellation

Bungie said Wednesday that a "metric ton of man hours" went into getting its E3 announcement ready before it got pulled, and it shares fans' disappointment in the turn of events.

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ps3fosho3747d ago

haha they knew that any game they had wouldnt beat the ps3 new games

pwnsause3747d ago

when they heard about MAG, they just went back into their cave.

thor3747d ago

They were about to announce Halo 4 with 32 player peer to peer games... lol

Fart In Your Mouth3747d ago

PS3 owners with nothing better to do than spam 360 related articles. Blame Sony for not providing you with any games.

morganfell3747d ago

What was Microsoft's biggest announcement? A multiplatform game? Sony's biggest announcement? An exclusive that crushes 5 v 5 games. You are an idiot.

Montrealien3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I can't agree with that. Albeit I can't wait for MAg, it looks like the true sequel to Soccom in my books. A game franchise I really enjoyed. But I really think MS saw sony's Keynote and thought to themselves,

"ok we got this one, let's not over kill"

Anything Halo would take away the focus of their showing of games "Wich I agree was not many" but are mostly coming out this year. They just decided to stay focused on 08 imho.

And Mag is once again a Sony game with many target renders that we won't see for at least a few years, nothing new there. And I can't wait for it, the concept looks sick. But we won't be playing this monster for a while.

syanara3746d ago

yet here you are? blame MS for giving you nothing better to do than bash sony gamers

Pain3746d ago

Story was stupid Vague and kinda lame, then its "Finish the Fight" huh? no its not over oh? it was "Finished over there" so we BACK ON!!!

halos story was the only thing i like about it but went down hill after 2, 3 sucked well kinda~ not as bad a 2 was..

RFOM is my new luv Much better in everyday. Disagree button hear "V"

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Bungie redefined online gaming with Halo2 matchmaking system and even though Halo3 has lost its place it still has qualities other fps's aspire to be like.

fafoon3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

You really believe that crap

Edit @ icewake
read what the guy say's then then come back

But here it is

Bungie redefined online gaming with Halo2 matchmaking system

Ok you might believe that because your only 10 and don't know any different
So not gonna bother explaning anymore

iceice1233747d ago

Have to be an idiot to not believe it. Console online gaming was nothing before Halo 2, it brought it to life.

games4fun3747d ago

.sigh. i know its going to be a waste responding to you but here goes:

the pc games did everything halo did YEARS before them, in fact it was many years that pc gaming enjoysed these features you credit halo for.

second, the console version of online gameing credit is given to the dreamcast which had Fps games as well as other games to play online i should know, i was playing them maybe your to young to realize this but the reason halo has so many haters is not because people are just jealous it is because we played games that did everything halo did and better long before it came along but for some unfathomable reason Halo is given all the credit by kids and xbox players who dont know better.

Xi3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

but it was marathon

the first fps to:
include ambient AI
include mission objectives
include multi-tier levels
include dual wielding
include enviromental effects
include secondary fire on weapons
include a level editor built into the game
include 3d graphics in an fps game

and guess what... bungie made this game in 1994. It's probably the most influential fps game ever made. Sadly, since it was on a mac not many got the chance to play it. But Wolfenstien created the genre, Doom popularized the genre, Marathon revolutionized it.

also, halo was the first game to introduce matchmaking, vehicle boarding, it's weapon scheme it popularized regenerating health, and it proved that fps's can be done on consoles and it did a lot more. Anyone who doesn't think halo did a lot isn't a true FPS fan.

Wraith0013747d ago

You missed Quake for making kick ass death match's online.

Montrealien3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

You guys missed the point that this is consoles. Yes, I was waiting for my friends phone calls to get into a Duke Nukem 3D match in the 90's also, which btw, was before Quake ;D. But when it came to consoles Halo 2 made it legit. Accept it. Not sure if Doom or Wolfenstein had some form of Dial-up online gaming but they where my first "Lan" experiences, along with Decent....awww those where the days.

On a side note, Quake 3 on the DC was the first true Console online FPS, then came Soccom which I really enjoyed. But Stats, matchmaking, cultural phenomenon, Halo 2 takes the cake.

Wraith0013746d ago

You remember King Pin? That would be a great game to bring to either or both consoles.

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Xi3747d ago

But at least I know that they're working on something, and it's ready to be shown.

Hopefully it will come soon, I'm sure whatever it will be will be absolutely amazing.

skillednutter3746d ago

Looks like M$ still call the shots @ Bungie even after independence lol

So much for being a free spirit, that was money well spent.

Hell M$ did not need another Halo Anouncement anyway with GOW2 and Halo Wars this year, they will save that for another Games Converence along with Alan Wake!

RacingX3746d ago

Actually they DID need something exclusively big because all they have is Gears 2. Halo Wars is not coming until 2009.

Kaneda3746d ago

Maybe M$ didn't give them cash to show up! instead M$ gave money to SE.. :)

VirusE3747d ago

Screw MS, i am tired of this PR bs. Just let us see the games already, we know they exist for god sakes!!

kevnb3747d ago

microsoft just doesn't announce games for the next year at e3 anymore.

deeznuts3747d ago

FFXIII is looking 2010, and it wasn't announced. The world has known about FFXII for a looooong time.

foodbox3746d ago

Hey, the Open Zone is >>

Kaneda3746d ago

FFXIII was the biggest announcement @ this E3.. if it was a long time. It wouldn't be BIG!

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rawd3747d ago


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