Resident Evil 5 PS3 new gameplay video

Here's a new gamplay video of Resident Evil 5 for PlayStation 3

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DFresh3749d ago

God damn!
This looks f***ing amazing way way better than the 360 footage that was shown at E3 2008.
Fresh looking game and a must have for 2009.

AngryHippo3748d ago

.....exactly the same. Obviously you were watching a different vid. Anyway definatley good to see running on the ps3.

TheXgamerLive3748d ago

My guess is the ps3 version is months behind in development and will be looking better soon, but please stop being an ass, b/c you know it doesn't look that good, hell even the video quality sucks.


xg-ei8ht3749d ago

Nice to see it running on ps3.

And looking sweet as well even for a small quality vid.