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Polygon: "With 2011's Mortal Kombat, developer NetherRealm Studios got back to basics, focusing on classic characters, overhauling the fighting game's mechanics and resetting two decades' worth of convoluted fiction. Mortal Kombat X builds on the 2011 game's framework, both in its story and its technical implementation; the game's fighting mechanics have been refined more than they've been reinvented, save for a key addition that adds variety, not just complexity."

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mrmonk2856d ago

Awesome game so far for me absolutely love it and still haven't played it online yet need to practice with a few people first so I don't get my ads kicked,,,nice review.

Fireseed2856d ago

Love the game so far, little sad about the Krypt paling in comparison to the last one and some other features seemingly absent from MK9 but overall definitely the best MK yet.

Not if we could just get Netherealm to outsource their Netcode to Iron galaxy...

DarthSocio2856d ago

Great that it's getting good reviews but I think I'll hold out until a discounted GOTY edition.

Ezio20482856d ago

does it still have 2 player ladder like mk9?

CaptainObvious8782856d ago

Isn't there women with big breasts in this game? Correct me if I'm wrong about that.

And if that's the case I'm surprised it got such a high score

Fireseed2856d ago

Well for starters the womens breasts aren't done by someone with a 5th grade knowledge of human anatomy and secondly it isn't the only interesting thing about their character... so yeah.

Gazondaily2856d ago

Funnily enough, Polygon simply couldn't resist mentioning that in this :

"and the women in Mortal Kombat X are far less sexualized than they've been in the past"

Lol ffs...

Fireseed2856d ago

If it's something that honestly bugs the reviewer he's perfectly within reason to mention it, just as much as you are to not read it. If it's something his readers find important too, then that's probably something they want to hear from him.

I don't go to church and exclaim "Oh here we go again with this whole GOD thing!"

But more on topic, they are. The women are WAY better designed than they ever have been. Mileena no longer looks like a hourglass with two halves of a basketball on her chest, but is rather well designed. It was a little striking to me trying to erase the forget the awful predecessors that came before her.

Gazondaily2856d ago

Well he is within reason to mention just as I am within reason to read it AND critique it.

"If it's something his readers find important too, then that's probably something they want to hear from him. "

Or it could be something the reader does not want to hear from him. It works both ways.

Btw, I'm not actually disagreeing here. The woman are far better proportioned this time round.