First Shadow of the Beast PS4 off-screen shots surface

The first off-screen shots of the PS4 version of Shadow of the Beast have appeared online.

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bouzebbal2346d ago

artistic style is beast!

MrSec842346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I agree, I had hoped it was going to be a God of War style hack & slasher, but I'm cool with that.
It looks awesome from a graphical standpoint IMO!

Hopefully this means it will be definitely coming out this year.

PS4 has so many exclusive games coming this year, it's awesome!

fei-hung2346d ago

It looks nice but a bit of me is disappointed that it is a 2D side scroller. I was hoping it could be similar to GoW or Darksiders or Altered Beast from the PS2.

uth112346d ago

The original was a 2D sidescroller. I was worried about it turning into a generic 3D game and losing what made it special :)

MetalProxy2346d ago

Umm no I disagree Mr. fei-hung. Not sure if its my age or yours that is the problem but this in 2D in gonna be super awesome.

fei-hung2346d ago

@MetalProxy defo not the age, I'm 33 years old.

My only worry is that as a side scroller it will be a simple game with a short sp campaign. There aren't many 2D games in this style in this day and age that I've come across that had a decent length and badass boss battles.

The potential if it went 3D is huge and the combat can really be amped up as well. I played Shadow of the Beast as a kid, just as I played Altered Beast, another similar 2D game, and Altered Beast on the PS2 proved when done right, a 3D iteration is awesome.

However, all that being said, I fully appreciate that for many there is a lot of nostalgia and they rather have the game remain true to itself as a 2D scroller. There aren't enough of those around and for me I can always fill my hack n slash / beat'em up cravings with DMC4, Bloodborne, Darksiders 2 and Gow3 remaster :)

WeAreLegion2346d ago

I'm with you. I'm still excited for the game, but from the trailer, I sort of assumed it would be a bigger title. :/

I agree with your thoughts on 3D games though. Why would 3D make it generic? There are so many incredible 3D action games. And they're a heck of a lot more fun than 2D side-scrollers.

andibandit2346d ago

Since when does 3D equal generic?

Remember when GTA went from a 2D topdown game to fully immersive 3D,

we were all shouting "its so generic" from the rooftops

uth112346d ago

Not saying all 3D equals generic. But "Shadow of the Beast" is a specific game with a certain charm.
Turning it into a modern 3D franchise might make it 'Shadow of the Beast' in name only

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Dawknight3162346d ago

I have had this game on my Radar, I can't wait to see more.

Christopher2345d ago

I don't get how that looks awesome. We get absolutely nothing out of that other than, like most games out there on 8th gen consoles, it will be pretty.

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marlinfan102346d ago

Game actually looks really great going off the screenshots. I'm liking the art style

DigitalRaptor2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Yeah. I was expecting it to be a fully 3D world based on the trailer, but considering it's meant to be true to the originals, it's pretty obvious it was always going to be 2D. The art style looks really nice, at least from what can be seen.

I also spotted Nom Nom Galaxy (PixelJunk) alongside it, which means that will also be coming to PS4 this year too. Fantastic!

Majin-vegeta2346d ago

I hope they show us something for E3.

BitbyDeath2346d ago

Should do it is supposed to release this year.

jobboy2346d ago

can't wait for some true gameplay...i was a real fan of the origial on my old times :)

LifeInNZ2346d ago

Yes, way back in the day this was my most prized Amiga 500 game from a graphics and audio perspective. The gameplay however was as basic as it could possibly get. Now if they revamp the gamplay to match the visuals then this will be a killer title.

Now...bring back Turrican!

easternbalboa2346d ago

Oh how I loved turrican 1&2 on my c64. Turrican 2 was awesome. Good times

lfc_4eva2346d ago

Yeah man. The graphics had parallax scrolling which was something amazing for the time.

And the audio was totally cool. I remember not being bothered when I got killed, as the death tune was awesome!

LifeInNZ2346d ago

@lfc It wasnt so much that it had paralax scrolling which had featured in many other games before then, it was the fact it had so many levels of paralax scrolling. I think 12 or 13 levels deep at some points in the game.

InMyOpinion2346d ago

Not to mention SOTB and Turrican have some of the most awesome soundtracks ever!



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uth112346d ago

I wondered what happened to this game!