Jon Blyth on: Bloodborne

Jon Blyth: "You can imagine how difficult it is to have a startling and thrilling new opinion about Bloodborne. Not having an opinion on Bloodborne doesn't seem like an option. I won't spend £350 on a new console to play a game, then not attempt to recoup some of that money by having a think about it."

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Bathyj2858d ago

What did I just read?

joab7772858d ago

I dunno. Someone's outside look at Bloodborne. Like, Oh damn, I died alot in the 1st 30 minutes and have no patience b/c I have to review other games. Damn you From. So, here it is...its hard.

And to show you he isn't a noib, he throws in that he liked DS2 the best. What?

Perjoss2858d ago

Doesn't make sense, DS2 is much more unforgiving than Bloodborne.

GribbleGrunger2858d ago

It seems to be an article built entirely around the single sentence: 'It's not worth buying a PS4 for Bloodborne.'

Bimkoblerutso2858d ago

A pretentious article by a pretentious author on the hurdles of writing a review free of pretension.

Crimzon2858d ago

This guy wrote an entire article about possible headlines he was going to use for it. Now that the initial confusion has wore off, I can't help but marvel at the fact that this Jon Blyth guy actually gets paid to write things like this.

I wish somebody would throw money my way for something similar, because I could crank out articles such as this in ten to fifteen minutes. Come on Eurogamer, pay me.

mayberry2858d ago

I know there are some who find the game too difficult. and I am almost halfway through my first playthru. But I am also waching my 11 year old breeze thru ng+ like a boss.....

joab7772858d ago

I just started my 2nd playthrough, pure arcane w/ arcane colored hair.

Anyway, it's a masterpiec. I want to keep playing and playing. I really hope that they continuously support this and not just a story dlc.

So much can be done to add replayability. Fix PvP, maybe add a PvP currency with a new Bath messenger. Add invasions to ng+. Add blood drops to bosses, and certain combinations can be added to weapons or used to create boss weapons. Add Transmorphing so we can customize.

From walked a fine line streamlining many aspects but refining combat and creating the best world yet. Now they can cater straight to the fanbase.

And here's a hint for those who find it hard...DO NOT COVET thy echoes, and master the parry.

remixx1162858d ago

Nothing better than when a guy invades your world with a pair of mercy blades thinking he's going to put in work, hell no Ludwig's rifle puts a stop to that sh*t real quick.

OB1Biker2858d ago

I see it like a satire about gaming journalism not sure it was intended though :)

TheBrownBandito2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I think it's a little of that, but also the emperors new clothes springs to mind. It's either your type of game or it isn't, but if you say you don't enjoy it, you will be accused of "not getting it", when in reality many people can see the arse hanging out of the trousers. Especially working gamers that don't have hours everyday to throw at it. But the first few comments vindicate him beautifully.

"Sssshush!" Don't tell anybody you don't like it. It means you don't know anything about video games.

It's a great game if that's your bag, but I'm getting a bit bored with all the pretence.

OB1Biker2858d ago

Or you could see it as having a go at people who write opinion pieces about games they don't particularly like (any game can't please everyone)
I found funny the part which reminds me of a 'BloodBorne lost me' article a few weeks ago
Seems clear to me he actually likes the game though