Face off: Do we want a new Halo on PC?

In Face Off, PC Gamer writers go head to head over an issue affecting PC gaming. Today, they talk about Halo Online, the recently announced F2P Halo shooter currently exclusive to Russia, Wes and Tim ponder the question: do we even really want a new Halo game on PC?

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WESKER20151752d ago

well PC gamers never shut up about halo coming to pc, pc gamers even made this artcile about not caring about halo coming to pc, so yeah i think you care, Lol

Devy1751d ago

Can't be against it. Right now, I'd probably have more chance of buying a Halo game rather than CoD (Not that CoD are bad games but played them way too much). I know there was talk of a possible remaster/collection coming here on N4G. This could be used to showcase DX12 features (ease of porting, performance increases,...) and maybe add in some cross platform play, who knows.