Amazing KillZone 2 Multiplayer Screens

KillZone 2 Multiplayer Screens From NeoGaf

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Chad Warden3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Sith Lord Helghast..

Keep in mind that those screens were taken from a recently released in-game trailer on PSN. If you think it looks pretty in the screen shots, you have to see it in 1080p.

donator3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

That second screenshot left me breathless. It almost looks like a real picture. Glad to see that the graphics did not have to suffer in multiplayer. And hopefully they'll have a lot of character customization. The guy with the glasses and bandanna over his mouth looks awesome.

BulletToothtony3960d ago

even thou we're suppose to hate the helghast they look so damn cool

King_many_layers3960d ago

personally for me it's screenshot 6 and 7, the 7th looks like CGI. Incredible.

here's to hoping for Lag free fun =)

donator3960d ago

It just occurred to me. There's no graphical quality loss in the multiplayer of Kill Zone 2 AND they plan to enable game recording... That's damn impressive.

mikeslemonade3960d ago

I love the variety of different character models.

StayHigh3960d ago

This game is going to be one of the hottest title out for the PS3 early next year..

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Fishy Fingers3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Sweet Baby Jesus! Lot's of character model variaty in there (screen 2, guy in head gear in the centre looks bad ass).

Can't wait for footage. Remember they said MP would be around 50% of the game, it's going to be huge!!

Which magazine said, "Bigger than Halo, Better than COD4"? Cant wait for more and more information to see if it indeed can live up to such a large claim.

Cartesian3D3960d ago

Gamepro said that statement about Resistance2 ..

:) I think its the best time for me to play multiplayer FPS games on Console ..because Killzone wont come to PC..

thanks Guerilla for this amount of attention to detail

Fishy Fingers3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Oops, Cheers for the correction bro, seems I forgot both the magazine and the subject (game) of the quote.

Looks great though, am I right in thinking these screens are taken from a video available on the PS store?

Oh and yeah, better get those thumbs ready, this is one "exclusive" that really is exclusive. No PC.

Cartesian3D3960d ago

btw it was " BETTER than halo , bigger than CoD "

what the hell, its better and bigger than HALO&COD combined..

Prismo_Fillusion3960d ago

Wow, most of the screenshots look *amazing*. I can't even fathom what the game will look like after their last few months of polish...

thor3960d ago

Does it _really_ have this level of AA in-game? I can't see a single jaggie!

BulletToothtony3960d ago

i really can't wait to play this game.. is like crack for the eyes!!

micro_invader3960d ago

Multiplayer! They must've used some sort of trickery to achieve that level of detail online :P. Magic I tell you.

Killzone 2 is seriously shaping up to be one the best FPS's of this gen.

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