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Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'Planetside 2 has been a long time coming for PS4 owners, with numerous delays and setbacks pushing it from its initial June 2014 release date. We still have some time to wait but Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) have finally allowed some lucky souls to get into the closed beta of Planetside 2. Is it shaping up to be an earth-shattering port for consoles, or is it worlds away from the PC version?'

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UKmilitia1749d ago

it put me in an area to leanr the game and i cant even figure out what to do lol.
i was just lost and people just running round not knowing what to do because i didnt have any tutorial of any kind.

i will go back to it as i was in a rush because it was really after when it had installed but i wont pass judgment yet.

Spinal1748d ago

Same I jumped on the beta felt lost no tutorial or anything.

I felt the analog sensitivity was also off an yes you can change it but never experienced that in a shooter before.

The visuals I have to say looked terrible I put down the beta after 15 mins I won't be playing the game at all.

UKmilitia1748d ago

defo missing a small tutorial at start.

ps360s1749d ago

I was confused too, jumped in and kinda didnt know what to do...was I in a wrong server or something...because i had 4 others in the same room running about

I traveled to another place...toke me awhile to walk...I did see aircrafts lol ><

anyway I am sure there is tutorial somewhere

i think i need to spend more time with it

looks good tho

and seems alright if I know how to play hehe

MysticStrummer1748d ago

There really is no proper tutorial. Best thing to do is look one up on YouTube.

ps360s1748d ago

will look YT and try play again

because I do see the potential in this game

jdiggitty1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I can help a bit. This is my favorite game at the moment, but you have to accept the bugs and crashes and not worry so much about dying. It doesn't track that anyway.

If you're trying to meet up with friends, the Koltyr starter map is not the place to do it. They have several instances of the map generated because they are forcing all the new players there. You may never be able to get everyone in the same "world" on Koltyr.Team up somewhere out in the bigger world. There is only one instance of the larger maps and you can find each other quickly. Use "invite by name" option to for a squad cause the other options are broken.

PS2 is basically a neverending battle of control. Large bases may have 4 capture points, but they can be locked behind shield doors, (or the main base gate could have a shield door you can't pass through) Get in the base and destroy a shield generator and those doors go down. You can then drive your own tanks into the enemy base. There are also vehicle and personnel generators to destroy so the enemy can't spawn in their own base. Hold the cap points till the base turns your color and then you can use their resources.

You can change your class at a gun hologram terminal of your own color. Sunderers and Galaxys are mobile spawn points with this ability as well. If you're at a base and want to push to the next one but get killed attacking, you'll spawn back at the original base. Instead, pile in a sunderer and park it somewhere safe outside the enemy base. You can now spawn there as long as the enemy doesn't blow it up. Galaxys are airships that do this with the perk you can deploy from the sky and take no damage from the fall.

Put hand grip and compensators on your guns. R1 spots enemies. R1+L1 is grenades. L1 is special ability

The map freezes on me constantly and is very buggy. Sometimes it only shows me one place to deploy when my faction has most of the map. Starting out, auto-deploy is probably your best bet.

It can be hard to identify friends from enemies who aren't in your squad. Your squad is bright green but the other's colors don't have enough contrast to make out too easily, especially at night.

It's a pretty rough learning curve, but once you get in your first 200 man battle with a dozen tanks outside your base and a huge air battle going on over your head, you'll be hooked. (don't think of it in those huge terms tho, all you need to do is defend/attack one thing at a time.)

Good luck

edit: forgot, it will automatically spawn you into a squad. You cannot receive invites while in a squad, so you have to leave the one you're in before you can get an invite to join another. ie, you can't jump directly from squad to squad without leaving the one currently in. So, yeah, the squad functions are totally broken at the moment

fei-hung1749d ago

Hit the touch pad, that brings up the map and you scroll through see where the objectives are.

Terminals outside are to buy different vehicles. Each terminal is for a certain vehicle.

I agree, it is a bit confusing. These are the things I think need improving :

1) to hard to read player names as they are too small

2) can't tell who is on what side as name ccoloursoften look the same

3) creating a squad with your friends is difficult when it should be simple and fast.

I've only played a few times, but when you find the action and know what it is you have to do, the game really comes to life.

It's like Halo meets MAG And that's a good thing in my book.

ps360s1748d ago

never knew about the touchpad... lol

will try now hehe

jdiggitty1748d ago

Try using the "invite by name" option for making a squad. We've found this works most consistently.

Father__Merrin1749d ago

can't wait to play this, I've not installed pc version I'd rather play it on my ps4, but if it's delayed too much il install it on pc

D3vilzRightHand1749d ago

As an old Ps1 veteran (8 years on PC and was an early alpha tester in planetside 2) I can help you out with some good tips.

First off: Try to look after tutorial videos on youtube.
A lot is for PC but its OK because the basics of the game is almost the same.

Second: Go to a site like: (or
And talk to ppl there, they have a chat also if I remember correctly. Its a PC foremost site but a lot of info can be found there.

Third: So I take it they haven't fixed the tutorial for you guys yet, *sigh* idiots, not you, the devs, you see on PC that have been something ppl have been complaining a bout A LOT but still it change just small steps, nothing big.

Either way, The trick is. First off: When you drop in your first time you can go two ways.

First option is that you press so you come to the map (I don't play on consoles) and press on the "locate to warpgate) or something like that, THAT will take you back to "main" that is a safe zone and where you can learn some more.

Second option (If you want stay out and fight directly)
Press the button that corresponds the "overlay" where you can switch between map/Squad/Character and so on.. Go to SQUAD and join a squad instantly. This is no rambo game and relies HEAVY on communication and teamwork.

When you have joined a SQUAD there might be so that you are in a Platoon (On PC it can be 8 squads in 1 platoon with 32 in each)
Either way, WHen you have joined a squad go to MAP

On the MAP you will see the LATTICE system (the links between maps)the way the link blinks (or send the ping) is attacking that location, Try to find where your squad is attacking defending and if you are close go there. (They will show up on map as numbers corresponding squad numbers). Otherwise press the REPLOY TO SQUAD or something like that and you will pod in on your squad leaders location.

Its a lot more about vehicles and sundys and turrets and so on but that you should check out videos on youtube 4.

Now its time to get back to Star Citizen with my hotas set up.
Stay safe gamerz.

MysticStrummer1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Nice try to help, but so far there's no way to join a squad without being invited, except that when you change continents you're automatically put in a squad if you're not already in one. There's also no Deploy to Squad option yet.

Instead of making a proper tutorial they just made a smaller area to throw new players in. Best thing to do is what you said first... look up tutorials on YouTube.

jdiggitty1748d ago

The lack of tutorials is made worse with the glitching and bugs. You could be doing something the right way but it doesn't work. I've been in games where half the squad didn't get a prompt to overload a generator, entire pages of the loadout options don't load or it only gives you your main base as the only re-deployment option when there should be half the map available and I can't get it to drop a waypoint no matter what I do.

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