Incredible new Resistance 2 DEMO footage

watch the never before seen DEMO footage of Resistance 2 played at Gamespot's showroom

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Jon86025811d ago

I really hope that we get that demo in the playstation store because this game looks out of control and those chimera are some bad mofos.

mikeslemonade5811d ago

I like how Ted said we would get owned if we chose the character character classes in coop. I think it would be fun if all 8 players choose to be Sniper class.

ThatCanadianGuy5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

Atleast there was a bit of new footage.from about 9 minutes in till
10 minutes was just graphicaly beautiful.like seriously..wow.

Amazing how far games have come since the days of pong lol

oh..and those two girls are proably the worst interviewers i've ever seen.The blond girl kept running out of questions to ask..

then towards the end she was on cam,and like muttering stuff off to the side. lol what the eff!

then the other girl's like..can you use vehicles?
He's like:No,no vehicles.
Then she's like:Can you shoot guns while driving vehicles?
He's like.No...there's no vehicles....

i was laughin so hard,but he took it very well.kudos to him
R2 is gonna turn heads and blow minds.Now all that's missing is Silogon to come in,and b!tch and whine about the game.

donator5811d ago

I noticed that too. I think their forums either went down or their internet was lagging and couldn't bring up any questions.

pwnsause5811d ago

"exclusive for PLAYSTATION 3 CORRECT?"

dumbest...question...ever...X D

n4gzz5811d ago

Game is already proved to be great. But, I really hope they change little control setting where you have option for zoom hold or toggle. That was the only factor i didn't like in res1.

zapass5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

agreed, this looks awesome.
R2 and KZ2 just blow everything else I've seen.

n4gzz: hopefully they read n4g ;)

thor5811d ago

No vehicles, huh? The first had some fun (if silly) driving sections, wonder why they were removed. Especially since they're going for "scale"

donator5811d ago

He could have just been referring to no vehicles in the multiplayer. I don't know though.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5811d ago

That bit near the River+Bridge!!! WOW!!! ;-P AMAZING...Again!!!;)

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Bordel_19005811d ago

Just awesome, this game is shaping up real good.

Asurastrike5811d ago

This game looks nothing short of amazing.

Asurastrike5811d ago

That interviewer really is an idiot though, I felt bad for Ted.

slave2Dcontroller5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

She was a cute lil Airhead. Hope he bouht her a few drinks after the show.

But damn Resistance2 look awsome... especially the level I believe was San Franicisco, that atmosphere with the Sun setting is brilliant. And Leviathan looks to be a force to be reckoned with.

I cant wait to experience Resistance again.

Origin5811d ago

"i wouldnt keep coming at u if u shoot me with a rocket launcher" lol

donator5811d ago

It's no wonder that Insomniac is one of the best places to work. Ted Price is a really down to earth cool guy.

BulletToothtony5811d ago

oh wait it's a gamespot interview of course they don't know sh!te about the ps3 or ps3's games... idiots

tweaker5811d ago

Bad bad interview but pretty good preview. These airheaded baboons did not know a thing to say.

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