TTDftL Ep. 1 - Is CW's Arrow a Good Show?

What happens if you take the format of competitive debate, add some humor and make the topics about geektastic things? You get Talking Them Down from the Ledge (TTDftL for short), Gamersledge's newest show.

This week, Matt asserts that CW's Arrow is a good show, while Mark and Dave attempt to change his mind. Three men enter; either they all leave together or Matt jumps to his proverbial death because they didn't talk him down from the ledge!

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AudioEppa1742d ago

I don't watch the show, planning on it soon.

But one of my favorite shows right now is Gotham, i know there's mixed feelings about it, but i love it. Can't wait for the final four episodes of this season to air.

balth991742d ago

I love Gotham, but can't stand Arrow for the reasons pointed out in the show. I'm very happy we got Flash out of it, tho :)