Ubisoft Wants Rayman as Super Smash Bros Character

On Facebook, Ubisoft shared a picture of a Raymanized Super Smash Bros, asking for fans of Rayman to vote for the character on Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros ballot.

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iSuperSaiyanGod1743d ago

I really don't . Give me more Pokemon characters like poliwrath . I hate geeninja

deafdani1743d ago

Really? Greninja, Lucario, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Mewtwo (upcoming), and a lot of Pokémon items, and you want more?

Lol, that would be Super Pokémon Bros. XD

Give me Rayman, please. :3

NecotheSergal1743d ago

And a few weeks before release, Raymans' character quality gets downgraded mysteriously.

Kevlar0091743d ago

Gotta be authentic. Though I'm afraid with the rest of the game running at 60 FPS Rayman won't fit in.

NecotheSergal1742d ago

60FPS Game with a character whos' animations run at 5-25FPS.

Foraoise1743d ago

I GUESS I'll be okay with this. But he's more PlayStation and should be in PlayStation All-Stars...

N4g_null1743d ago

Yeah put him in that sucky smash Bros clone. That is what ubi deserves.

Foraoise1742d ago

It really wasn't a bad game at all. People over exaggerate. It actually sold very well and was a very good game. Get out. Don't bandwagon.

lizard812881742d ago

To me, Rayman has been all over the place. Granted, i'm 26, so i've seen him on everything, even more so after rayman 2 dropped. I think that game is for every console, lol.

gamerdad3161743d ago

Despite the shenanigans that ubisoft pulled, i believe the history of rayman would bea good fit.

No91743d ago

I'd charge them a hefty price, after what they pulled!

ChronoJoe1743d ago

Don't be ridiculous. It's not Ubisofts fault if the Wii U isn't a good platform for third parties. They're a business and are aiming to make a profit, they have no incentive to produce or release titles / content at a loss.

EliteGameKnight1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

ChronoJoe, I don't think the problem so much is that they're a business and more so that they promised support, then again and again retracted those promises. Such as them stating they will support the console at its start, then proceeding to ignore it at the next E3, making Rayman exclusive, then making it multiplat, and delaying the finished game to the end of the year. Amusing since the game still sold best on the Wii U despite being boycotted for going multiplatform. And re-releasing dated games at full price, thus ensuring that they wouldn't sell, and using those figures to say that Wii U owners don't buy their games

wonderfulmonkeyman1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

@ Chrono
Third parties have been making all the wrong moves with their Wii U ports, and that's no one's fault but their own.
Their chances of making back what they lost by making their games at least equal in content, is actually a lot better than their chances of making their money back using games that come out late, lack content, aren't given ANY advertisement focus, and are still sold at full price despite those issues.

On top of limiting profits potential, all of those bad games and broken promises also soured their reputation with Wii U gamers.
At this point, even if the NX turns out to be a powerhouse of its gen like the Gamecube was, no one will buy multiplats on it because everyone knows they never include all the content in the Nintendo versions of their multiplats, and don't ever support the systems in the long term regardless.

Hell, few if any of them have made a mature title specifically designed for Wii U.
Ubisoft came close with Zombie U, but it turned out to be a retooled version of a cancelled PS360 title that would have used aliens instead of a game planned with the system firmly in mind.

Third parties need to quit making excuses.
The only way to make sales is to make gamers on those systems happy.
They've done that for everyone except players on Wii U.
They need to wipe their own asses, because Nintendo can't make Nintendo gamers want third party games.

Only third parties can make Nintendo gamers want their games.

scark921743d ago

I think it is a good idea!

KryptoniteTail1743d ago

Hopefully he doesn't get in. I don't care for him. There's other better characters up for grabs like Banjo now.

shaw981743d ago

Would be really cool but I already voted for Banjo. I just love the possibilities with this ballot. Any character can get in with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.