Team Rainbow Thwart Siege on Vegas - Trailer

The first video trailer for the forthcoming Rainbow Six: Vegas, due out later this year for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It's looking very much like Rainbow Six: Vegas will be one of the leading PS3 launch titles in November, with Ubisoft Montreal taking care of dev duties on the game.

Storywise, it seems that there is some form of escalating terrorist siege on the chaotic streets of 'Sin City' which "threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights." Jeepers!

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billybob6312d ago

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JIN KAZAMA6312d ago

This game looks Awesome, definately a good launch title for the PS3. Its soo cool, i live about 4 hours away from Vegas, i am amazed on how they have the strip so well documented.

OutLaw6312d ago

This game is starting to look good.

ps3willrule6312d ago

I don't feel like searching for the info but will this game feature co op mode??

Grown Folks Talk6312d ago

they always have in the past, don't see why they would change now. multi-player should be even better.

PS360PCROCKS6312d ago

this game will be totally awesome, the new gameplay features and graphics are great additions to an already awesome game series.