These Games Would Make Project Morpheus a Revelation

With such an ambitious piece of hardware, it only needs the software to make it worthwhile. Here are some examples of games we’d love to experience in full VR greatness.

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ocelot072791d ago

I agree with this list. Mostly with P.T/Silent Hills

SmokingMonkey2791d ago

Alien Isolation



Morpheus pretty much works with any First Person game;

Mirror's Edge (good luck)

I don't care for baseball, but I had fun in the Home Run Derby with the Move controller on the Show. My co-workers and I would take turns swinging at the PS3 Kiosk at the Gstop I used to work at.

First Person Sports would be awesome, being the QB of your favorite team?

Being the striker in FIFA!

Morpheus Golf,

Driveclub, driving games in First Person!

Can't wait.

BlackTar1872791d ago

Alien isolation in VR would be amazing

MrDead2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I don't know if I could handle P.T. in VR.

EuroTruck Sim blew me away with Oculus but I think playing P.T. in VR could scare me so much my arse would prolapse.

SmokingMonkey2791d ago

I imagine a lot of people freaking out, throwing their Morpheus' off their heads.

...followed by uncontrollable crying.

Game0N2791d ago

PT would leave me a coma

GMW2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

PT, while amazing, would lead to a lot of heart attacks. Seriously, that game (trailer actually lol) is properly scary!!😬😅 👀

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