Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Datamine Reveals Futuristic Setting, NNID Added To Website Profile Options

Activision may not be done with bringing Call of Duty games to Nintendo platforms - including the Wii U.

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gameboy11743d ago

Their only bringing it so Nintendo let them work on the NX..

wonderfulmonkeyman1743d ago

NX Isn't going to be a thing for at least another two years, if not more, so I doubt it.
If they do bring it to Wii U, though, then they had better not sell it at full price without first ensuring content parity.
If all the extras aren't an option, I'll stick to Devil's Third to make my own multiplayer maps.

gameboy11743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

It's rumoured a UK studio has been working on it for 2 years mate... so it's possible.

MetroidFREAK211743d ago

Content Parity... That's hilarious... I played Call of Duty strictly on Wii from 2008-2011 (absolutely loved the Wii controls)...(World at War-Modern Warfare 3) Nintendo systems have always received the shaft when it comes to additional content. And the Wii U versions are absolute proof of it. The player base is down right abysmal... Compared to Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo's versions of Call of Duty never sell well enough to warrant DLC. It's a practical business decision. Why would they release content that maybe a few thousand would buy, compared to Xbox and Playstaion where millions buy it? That's why when it came to Call of Duty I jumped to Xbox because of the superior support, the higher player base, and of course add on content. If the Wii and even the Wii U (don't have one) had a huge player base for Call of Duty, they absolutely would've gotten DLC map packs (Nuketown and Freefall don't count)... But if you're one of those hold outs on Nintendo consoles still wanting parity... It's time you moved on... CoD was never big on Nintendo systems, and never will be. Its a simple fact some people can't get over. Took me a while because I met some really awesome people on the Wii versions of CoD (still talk to them)... But it's better elsewhere. But you're entitled to what you believe it :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

@ Metroid
There's nothing practical about that sort of business decision.
They don't know how many more sales, let alone how much additional profit, they would get out of trying it because they haven't experimented to see.
Meanwhile, it's a FACT that cutting content STIFLES SALES FAR MORE THAN IF THEY WERE INCLUDED. as well as further limiting the profits they stand to make.

Look, no one expects the Wii U versions of CoD to sell 3 million or more.
It's not where the series gained its following. System loyalties tie into brand loyalties here.
But there are over 10m Wii U owners by now, or close to it.
The user base is now large enough to justify content parity, because that's what has the best chances of pushing the game up to 1m sales, at the least, if not 1.5 to 2m.

But I guarantee you that they'd have a shot at hitting decent sales now.
But not without content parity.
And if they cannot offer that, I'd rather abandon the series on consoles altogether and rely on PC for any CoD gaming( paying for online multiplayer is stupid. I don't care how anyone spins or justifies it), while Devil's Third will easily serve as a better shooter on Wii U in the meantime.

gameboy11743d ago

They would achieve at least 2 million on wiiu or lots more if they release same time ect...

SoulStain1743d ago

I have never been less excited for a COD game. Jesus how friggin boring. Enough of this future garbage already.

MNGamer-N1743d ago

I actually prefer COD with the gamepad. Skipped playing Modern Warfare altogether, although I bought it for PS4. Only my son plays it. Black ops II was the Best COD game in recent years for me personally because I love using the gamepad. Ghosts was not as good though. I like Treyarch, if they bring it to WiiU I'll buy it.