Tower of Guns Review - TXH

James writes - "Will there be enough within this FPS experience to make sure there’s a jolly good time to be had for all gamers who enter the Tower of Guns?"

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neil3631745d ago

I had a feeling this would bomb, but could well be tempted to now check it out.

G20WLY1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Yeah, it seems okay, if a bit mental. Was watching a stream of it last night. Not sure I'd buy it, but worth a quick play.

It's free on PS4 with PS+ so that will save you a few quid! ;^)

neil3631745d ago

Been lucky enough to just get hold of an Xbox One copy.

I shall now give it a go...even if it's only for five minutes!

danowat1745d ago

Played it on PS4 as it's free on PS+ this month, I thought it was horrible, graphically very poor, and extremely basic, movement felt really floaty and odd too.

oKidUKo1745d ago

Yeah I agree in the graphics part, I felt visually it wasn't up to much. Shame you didn't enjoy it but each to their own.

danowat1745d ago

Yeah, everyone has different opinions, just reminded me of the games you used to get free on the front of PS magazine that people had made with Net Yaroze.

Neonridr1745d ago

I don't think the game is going for photorealistic graphics. I believe the art style was as intended.

Reminds me of a game called Paranautical Activity for the PC. That game was a blast to play.

Downloaded this to my PS4 so looking forward to giving it a spin this weekend.

captainexplosion1745d ago

Fun game. Not sure why it is getting hate.