Godzilla multiplayer exclusive to PS4 version

Following the announcement of Godzilla VS in Japan, Gematsu got in touch with Bandai Namco to clarify the western version’s feature set—to find out if Godzilla VS is a different game entirely and our western version is the same as the Japanese PlayStation 3 version.

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crusf1749d ago

Heck yeah! My main man Destoroyah is in this!

Thatguy-3101749d ago

Seeing this makes me want a war of the monsters game. That game was killer on ps2. Wonder why no one has made a game like it. With the new console it can be an amazing experience if done right.

KryptoniteTail1749d ago

It's happening. PS3 is dying.

Tiqila1749d ago

nah, it's only getting old, telling you the same old stories again and again. From time to time you might want to listen, because some of them are really worth it.

Silly gameAr1749d ago

It that were true, the PS3 wouldn't get the game at all.

StormLegend1749d ago

Like I said before, it's time to move on from last gen.

SoapShoes1749d ago

I won't unless Tales of Zestiria gets a PS4 port...

xPiffGaming1749d ago

People still playing PS3 in 2015?? lololol old dusty gamers can't afford to upgrade

Inzo1749d ago

Well some of these old dusty gamers have to work to earn money and save some of that hard earned money to buy a new console, not like you who has your daddy to buy you what you want.

ifistbrowni1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )


If you have a job and want a PS4 or XB1 but cannot afford one, I suggest that you manage your money better.

xPiffGaming1745d ago

Dont be mad at me that your stuck on last-gen. I'm 23 and live on my own. 400$ is a lot to you? You broke people are always so frustrated. Put a smile on little fellow :)

paul-p19881749d ago

My PS3 is sat right next to my PS4, I play both thanks to the massive backlog on my PS3 and with Yakuza 5 coming to the west later this year it's gonna get a lot of use then too :)

Hereiamhereibe21748d ago

Please everyone quickly move to next gen or at least disconnect your last gen consoles from the internet. Game developers are wasting so much time and money catering to your cheap asses. Destiny was a failure just because of you, gta online is restricted to mindless deathmatch style freeroam all because of you. You are ruining some of the greatest games of this gen.

rainslacker1748d ago

There's still a lot of good games coming out for the PS3 that aren't getting PS4 releases. I have a PS4, and still play the PS3 more.

1748d ago
Inzo1744d ago

Ok, I think its time you get off of your daddy's PC now.

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ExplodingJuice1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Since N4G is not allowing me to reply to you xPiffGaming I have to respond this way.

I still use my PS3 to this day because there are TONS of games in its library and a lot more to come. Also the free games from PS+ are awesome.

Just for the record I own a PS4, Xbox One & Wii U. So your inaccurate and childish comment "old dusty gamers can't afford to upgrade" is moot.

OB1Biker1749d ago

Yea I agree.
I have PS4 PS3 and Vita and enjoying them all.
Xpiff comment is just immature

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