Black Ops 3 Setting Leaked, Definitely From The Future, Exo Suits Return

MP1st - Additional marketing material for Treyarch’s just-announced Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has leaked, revealing the full look of the mysterious soldier silhouette that was teased in the announcement trailer earlier today.

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Relientk771752d ago

Black Ops 2 was boss, can't wait.

sander97021752d ago

Hopefully this one will be part WW2 as well!

Crimzon1751d ago

I dunno, it kinda looks like they're going really futuristic (moreso than Advanced Warfare) and having cyborg soldiers, which could be really cool.

FinalFantasyFanatic1751d ago

I'm hoping for another future set one like Advanced Warefare except with multiplayer split screen (I really miss going 4 VS on the couch).

SolidStoner1751d ago

if its heading into future then its no buy for me.. enough is enough..

Fingers crossed for WW2 or Vietnam setting!

kevinsheeks1752d ago

I'm scared to say I enjoyed the story in 2 now because of how many disagrees you got >.>

r1sh121751d ago

@kevinsheeks - you just said it though?

jc121752d ago

Joy. Its looking like a pass for me. The "future" in COD has been pretty played out.

NeonEnigma1752d ago

I agree that the future is played out in COD, but i think everyone (myself included) is jumping to the conclusion that BO3 wont have branching storylines from different time periods. The best part of BO2 was playing through Cold War sections and then futuristic 2025 sections.

700p1752d ago

agreed. I wont buy this cod if its super futuristic with lame exo suits etc. Again i havnt bought a cod since black ops.

Revolver_X_1751d ago

Enough with the exo suits already.

antz11041751d ago

Black Ops 1 was so much better, the retro setting was awesome. BLOPS 2 kinda dumped on that.

1751d ago
Dawknight3161751d ago

Battlefront>>>>> ;>>>>>Blops 3

Simco8761751d ago

Game hasn't even released yet lol. Haters.

3-4-51751d ago

After the last two....I just kind of lost my urge to play these.

I hope it's awesome though.

ThunderPulse1751d ago

Exo's ruin everything good about CoD.

Ahmay1751d ago

I stopped COD at Modern Warfare 2! Black ops I heard of but, a 2 and now a 3?

lilbrat231751d ago

Exo suit suck and I hope they have Classic

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DarkOcelet1752d ago

I am really disappointed by this but Treyarchs COD are the best so will probably get it someday.

WeAreLegion1752d ago

That's insulting. Infinity Ward's COD's were much better until half the team left.

Highlife1752d ago

No way infinity ward never patched their games fast enough tons of cheats and glitches in modern warfare. Treyarch supports games better and they just are better.

HammadTheBeast1752d ago


Modern Warfare 1 was perfectly fine for a few years, MW2 had problems after the first year or so because of all the legal and dev problems with Infinity Ward and they left it as is.

Gameplay-wise and "fun" I'd say MW and MW2 are easily the best CoD games imo.

InTheLab1752d ago

Cod 4 = 1 map pack and IW moves on to MW2.

WAW = 3 map pack plus new zombie mode and free map

MW2 = West and Zampella have one foot out the doors of IW package glitch, javelin glitch, semtex glitch, hacked lobbies, commando lunge, broken akimbo shotties, one man to this f'n day still not patch army nubtubes, $15 map packs, no dedicated servers, killstreaks basically getting nukes for you, and of course the ACR.

Blop1 = erased the BS in MW2 and added even better zombies.

Mw3= widely considered the worst Cod in the franchise. Too many issues to list.

Blops2 = broken sniping and head glitching but widely considered the best modern cod available.

Ghosts = solid mechanics but everything else is terrible. Widely considered the worst cod in the franchise or tied with MW3 or Advanced Warfare

So yeah. IW made the 3 solid cods, cod1, cod2,cod 4, but have been trash ever since. MW2 was fun but mostly broken for the majority of its existence.

1752d ago
Septic1751d ago

The old Infinity Ward team were THREE times the devs Treyarch are even now.

They perfected the formula and Treyarch rode on it and even then, couldn't even come close to IW's efforts.

Cod mw1 and 2 absolutely demolish any COD game after.

Blops 1 was such a horrid affair. Crap map and weapon design and visually a turd.

MW3: probably the worst maps in the franchise and horrid weapon design/ balancing

Blops 2: much better, more balanced but maps did not have that IW flair

AW: just a conservative upgrade even with the suit with boring maps and rubbish netcode and spawns

Old IW all day, every day.

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nucky641752d ago

I disagree. I don't want exosuits (and all of the other fantastical modern warfare crap) and I especially don't want treyarch doing exo zombies - i'll pass.

Loadedklip1751d ago

Sigh ... exo suits.

I'll pass.

geddesmond1752d ago

Exo suits return. They destroyed COD Bye bye activision.

Ricegum1752d ago

Wow. I'm stumped by the stupidity.

Kryptonite42O1752d ago

Exo suits ruined it for me... was excited to see the next installment would be BO3.. but now I might have to pass..

@Unreal, I assume you meant to say that you're stumped DUE TO your own stupidity? Honestly though, not a personal attack... just curious what you find so stupid about his comment? Seems like a legitimate opinion. I share the opinion that Exo suits need to go.

ps4gamer19831751d ago

Exo suits look stupid as hell. HOWEVER, the level of freedom they give is awesome. It made me interested in COD again. Maybe they should makae a series for EXO gameplay, and a normal one for people who like playing the same old boring COD every year.

MonsterChef1751d ago

Exo suits make semi automatic weapons useless, I used to love having a FAl type weapon and firing as fast as my finger let me, but ever since exo's it makes it to easy for your opponents to just jump, dodge, dive and rush out the way.. Making automatic and shot gun weapons the default

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Elit3Nick1752d ago

I'm not so sure that this is an exo suit, it looks more like Deus Ex style augmentations, where people are replacing body parts with mechanical ones

DLConspiracy1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Sounds like it to me too. The person dissecting the leak said exo suits. Not TreyArch.. I think people flipping out need to chill a bit. Its a leak not a break down of the story or synopsis. We are just getting a picture and people are assuming its exo suits. Looks like robotic arms to me.

Sir_Simba1752d ago


not a fan exos' nor COD set in the future.

BrunoM1752d ago

If this is the exo like or kinda like the one in AW I will be skipping black ops 3 just like AW

Go back to what made black ops 1 fun

SilentNegotiator1751d ago

Don't worry; "Futuristic" will be the new "WW2" before you know it and then developers will stop using it unless they actually have good ideas for it.

ShellB1752d ago

Yeah I'm in the same boat. Will have to wait on gameplay though. If it's like AW, I'll have to pass on it again.

TRASHBOAT___1752d ago

me dont want no exoshit pleaz .