Should Black Ops 3 Release Be Limited To PS4 and Xbox One Only?

Should Activision and Treyarch make compromise on revenue to provide owners of PS4 and Xbox One the definitive experience?

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JoeMcCallister1751d ago

That's going to be a tall order for Activision - while I agree that it should leave the previous gen behind and focus on a solid PS4/Xbone and PC version, I just don't think they'll give up that install base just yet. There's something like over 80 million Xbox 360's out there alone and Activision loves being able to gobble up their money - so while I think it's the right decision to make for gaming, I just don't see it happening.

stuna11751d ago

Yes they should. But I understand your point of view! 160 million + potential last gen console owners is a hell of a tall order to fill.

To be truthful I think we gamers should expect a lot more cross-gen games well into and past this gen console life cycles. Simply because develops are not trying to lose Billions in software sales.

It's not something I totally agree with, but yet I understand from a developers point of view that it's a catch 22 to move past last gen consoles, because there's no guarantee the respective fanbases are able or will follow to this gen consoles.

JMaine5181751d ago

Yes. It's time to let last gen go.

yankolo1751d ago

Dont think so....lot off people still on 360 and ps3