Want to win a “Miniature Giant Space Hamster” for the Neverwinter MMO

Who hasn’t wanted their very own Miniature Giant Space Hamster to follow them in to epic battles? Well guess what here’s your chance! To help celebrate the recent launch of Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil update, WizKids has teamed up with the fine folks at Perfect World Entertainment to give away 500 keys that unlock Miles, the “Miniature Giant Space Hamster” within Neverwinter.

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JoeIsMad2733d ago

I love that it's a "miniature giant". I'm not sure if that's regular sized, large or small, but I am sure it's funny.

Stevefantisy2733d ago

Perhaps its a perspective thing like between a dwarf and a human?

Jacktrauma2733d ago

Maybe its big for its species and has something deadly about rabies!