How Multicultural Characters Can Make Better Games for Everyone

GamesRadar - Do you identify with white, black, asian, or hispanic? Kind of a weird question to ask someone, right? But it happens a lot. Diverse groups of people get dropped into these generalized categories all the time, and we're somehow expected to relate to them. And games do it, too. There are lots of different types of people out there, but most games still focus on the military shooter white guy protagonist, the black guy GTA gangster, and the asian guy that looks and fights like Bruce Lee. There's more to the world than these generic stereotypes, but for the majority of my gaming life experience, those few types of characters are the options I've been stuck with. Which one of those categories do I belong to? None, really. But there's good news. Developer Bandai Namco is giving largely unexplored cultures a chance to shine in the upcoming Tekken 7 roster, and one of them is definitely a character I can relate to.

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