Neverwinter xbox one review - IGN

Console MMORPGs are apparently tricky affairs: regardless of how much effort developers put into them, something always seems too off — too complicated — and up until now the genre's thus largely remained a PC thing, especially in its purest sword-and-sorcery form.

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WCxAlchemist1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

He has really great things to say about it except some framerate issues than gives it a 7.3 lol seems a 2.7 score drop is steep while other games most recent Bloodborne which suffers framerate issues and extremly EXTREMLEY long load times gets docked None go figure..

Neverwinter is really fun and addictive and as stated can play entire game, get to the level cap for FREE cant get much better than thatas a FREE 2play but i do plan on purchasing some zen to help the devs out...

8.5/10...-.5 for Frames -.5 for some of Microtrans and -.5 for several minor faults i found total -1.5 from score

StrayaKNT1747d ago

I agree game is so much fun I would give it a 8.5-9/10.
Been playing it all week since I finished bloodborne and it is so addictive.

pedrof931747d ago

BB has framerates issues but it's a great game. And this is a MMO.

StrayaKNT1747d ago

I know it does and theyre bad but who cares i still rate it a 8.5-9/10 as well.

Bigpappy1747d ago

Yeah. If I were to score it, it would probably be 8.5 also because of the frame rate issues. I do believe they will address that soon though, and I believe is has more to do with net code that the game running on Xbox. Because they had a beta and that wasn't mentioned as a big problem. Seems and more and more people join the lag increases. There are also more server connection drops (bigger problem for me).

Having said that, this reviewer has already played through the game twice with different characters. So the only new nest is the controller and interface. But for him to sing the gameplay so much praise is very telling. The score really doesn't matter, He obviously highly recommends the game, even with the faults.

DarXyde1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Couldn't resist the stab at Bloodborne, could you? No, that would be taking the high road. The loading times are easy to ignore with time. Even then, to denote the times are "EXTREMELY" long means you have the patience of a high school boy eager to go all the way with their romantic interests. GTA V called. It wants to know when its credit is due. You'd know that if you played it. The frame rate issues are also pretty minor in my opinion. Does not at all take away from the grander experience.

Your silliness aside, Never winter isn't bad. I'd probably rate it similarly to what IGN has, but round up to 7.5/10. Overall a fun game. Can't beat free. Whenever I'm ready to put down Bloodborne, I'll play this more seriously.

Jubez1871747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Dark Souls and Demon's Souls platinum owner here. Quit DSII and refused to get BB because of awful framerates (DS had Blight Town but it wasn't that bad anywhere else).

You couldn't resist the blindly and fanboyishly defend your precious BB could you? These games down run well, it's a fact. Whether everything else outweighs these framerate issues down to a trivial amount, that's up for debate obviously, but it's wrong to just blatantly ignore it altogether.

DarXyde1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )


Platinum owner here too for 2/4 Souls games thus far.

I'm not a fanboy; I am well aware of Bloodborne's flaws. Yes the frames drop. No, it is not the best game visually. The loading times are probably right around previous games. It only seems longer because you don't have any item descriptions to read.

I will say that you should evaluate the frame rate on your own. I personally found that if you got through Demon's Souls, you can get through Bloodborne. The frame rate, in my 100+ hours of play, have never been worse than DS' dips.

No one's ignoring the game's issues. Don't pretend to know me well enough to make such a statement. The above user is pretty well known for comments like that. There was no reason to mention Bloodborne.
Reading the same nonsense from non users gets old after a while. If you have legitimate criticisms, cool. That guy? Hyperbolic and i'm pretty sure a blatant liar. I'll tell you now, Dark Souls is still my favorite and Bloodborne's bosses don't measure up in my opinion.

I'm quite open to criticisms of games I love. Offers perspective lol.

PS, at what point did I "completely ignore" the issues? I said the loading times become easier to ignore (meaning they can be treated as an issue when first starting) and the frame drops are minor (meaning there IS dropping). I thought I was apparent in my acknowledgment.

Kiwi661747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

All he said was what was his experience with bloodborne and most is known by the public anyway

lodossrage1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )


WCxAlchemist's comment history could have told you what he or she is all about.

The person has all the "telltale" signs of a troll. One bubble, making attempts at bashing certain games in articles that have nothing to do with them, etc.

That's why sometimes it pays to not bother replying to certain people on this site.

Moldiver1747d ago

I play both and while they have their moments with framerates I still enjoy them both. Along with BF:hardline,FH2 and hardline, I am content with the games I have going into the summer. Will probably just be picking up indies from now till the big games come out. and thats probably for the best. I prefer smaller games in the summer. Would rather be out in the sun to be honest.

callahan091746d ago

@Jubez: He isn't blindly & fanboyishly defending BB, he was responding to someone who totally unnecessarily brought Bloodborne into the conversation, therefore his opinion on the matter is fair game.

And you talk about how "awful framerates" made you refuse to get Bloodborne? How do you know how awful the framerate is if you didn't get it?

I put 100 hours into the game and got the platinum trophy on it yesterday, and I didn't notice framerate issues in Bloodborne. I'm sure it dipped some, but it had BY FAR a more steady framerate than the 3 Souls games had when I played them on PS3. I don't know how anybody who played the 3 Souls games could play Bloodborne and complain about framerate issues... it was much more smooth in comparison to the games that came before it, and I seriously didn't even notice a problem. The load times are pretty long, but the framerate didn't bother me a single time in this game.

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rdgneoz31747d ago

Load times (when you can go/run from one region to the next, and to the next without loading anything) are the same as frame rate issues and connection drops (which the reviewer mentioned caused him to die on at least one occasion)? Also, the main attraction / what set it apart from other games on the PC was the Foundry missions, which are sadly missing.

Also, why does it cost $75 to buy an extra race to play as?

modelgod1747d ago

I agree with you. 2.7 is a huge drop off just for some minor framerate issues that'll obviously get worked out after a update or two. I was pleasantly shocked that the game was free. I really enjoy it and it has a lot of promise. I just purchased 500 zen and I Plan on spending more money for the game. Even if the game cost 19.99$-29.99 on the market place it's still worth it. My gamer tag is Heavens twin. If you feel like linking up shoot me a request.

Master-H1746d ago

I see you're still sore in a certain area of the body about Bloodborne's high review scores. Pure LOL.

callahan091746d ago

Funny how you say Bloodborne "gets docked None", when it didn't receive a perfect 10. I've give Bloodborne a perfect 10, personally. The game is absolutely sublime. It is the best representation yet of the Symphony of the Night style of game in a 3D presentation (by far, I might add). They docked .9 points on Bloodborne, not "None", and it was pretty much entirely because of the framerate & long load times.

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TomLovesXBOX1747d ago

I'm confused. Is this article about Bloodborne or Never Winter? Judging by the comments, one would think it's about Bloodborne. First off, why would you compare it to Bloodborne in the first place? Some of you sound like some angry fanboys who are jealous of all the attention Bloodborne is getting. They are no where even close to being similar.

On Topic:
Game looks like it would be a lot of fun. Can't wait to try it out :D

Zichu1747d ago

Started playing it last night with my brother. There arent a lot of games he will play, so its been a while since we have both played the same game.

Im really enjoying it, controls are simple and tight. Framerate does drop every so often, but doesnt really screw you over.

lemoncake1747d ago

Personally I would give it an 8, it's incredible how well this has been ported over to console and gives me hope that we will start seeing more mmorpgs crossing over. There are also so many people playing this game and running around on expensive mounts and such so they must be making a decent chunk of money, so it's looking like it was a good decision to port it over.

bananaboats1747d ago

IMO they deserve to get that chunk of money. The game is fun. I'll be giving the devs some of mine once I get home from work. I want that damn Golem companion lol

bananaboats1747d ago

My biggest complaint about this game is the bad framerate drops while doing end game dungeons and the server issues.

But this game is so much fun, It's hard for me to put it down. Just started doing Tier 2 dungeons last night and DAMN it just got a whole low better. This game really brings back memories of playing WoW. Although this game is free, I have no problem supporting the Devs and throwing some cash their way. This game is atleast a 8.5/10 in my book. and from what I understand, the XB1 doesnt even have all the modules yet so hell. even more content coming.

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