GamePro E3'08 Preview: Gears of War 2: 5-player

At E3 2008, Epic ended the silence on a new online mode in Gears of War 2, a cooperative match called Horde. In Horde, five-players cooperate against wave after wave of increasingly difficult Locust enemies. "It's Geometry Wars meets Smash T.V. in Gears of War," Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski told a group of journalists on July 1st. GamePro got their hands on this unique multiplayer mode and it proved to be equally as fun as Gears 2's other multiplayer modes - Guardian, Submission, and Wingman - if not a bigger, bloodier hit-in-the-making.

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Lord Vader3964d ago

This game is gonna ROCK !!!

chitown3964d ago

im with u bro im polishing up my gears 1 game so i can dominate at 2