Peter McLaren Discusses X-Com Inspired Halcyon 6

Greg Micek writes: "Many Kickstarter video game campaigns enter their final 24 hours with stress an anxiety. Will they make their funding goal? Will key big dollar backers change their mind? One campaign that doesn't need to worry about any of that, and instead just jump for joy with each stretch goal crushed is the X-COM and Master of Orion 2 inspired Halcyon 6. In development by the folks at Massive Damage, Halcyon 6 struck a chord with backers, to the point that the original $40,000 funding goal is a distant memory to the $180,000 raised as of this writing. To learn more about Halcyon 6, the successful Kickstarter, and what's going to happen with all of that money I spoke with Halcyon 6 producer Peter McLaren."

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