Frostbite Technical Director Would Like DX12 As Baseline For Holiday 2016 Games

Johan Anderson (Frostbite Technical Director) expressed his wish to make DX12 & Windows 10 minimum requirements for Holiday 2016 games using the engine.

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just_looken1756d ago

You do realize this means you cant play any ea pc game unless you buy windows 10 for over $200. F spy Central 10 cloud always online crap make it for windows 7 and 10 then release dx12 on windows 7.

Revvin1756d ago

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for the first year for Windows 7 and 8 users.

Pandamobile1757d ago

I'm pretty confident that DX12 uptake on PC will be faster than any previous version. It's just too much of a step forward for developers to ignore this time around.

Alexious1757d ago

The big thing is that Microsoft is giving a free upgrade to Windows 10. This will mean a much faster adoption of the OS.

Kleptic1756d ago

Totally agree...

here is to hoping they test bed it with BF4 on PC...i'd say the 'newer' hardline, but the player count on PC is pretty sad (for good reason, but w/e)...

considering BF4 already has mantle as an option...and AMD/MS both say mantle, the current console API's, and DX12 share all kinds of might not involve a huge amount of work...

also considering CTE with BF4 has made great strides in the networking side of Frostbite 3 (and FB3+, apparently)...

just do it this fall...

Bigpappy1757d ago

Looks like someone other than Wardell thinks DX12 is a huge dell and game-changer.

Pandamobile1757d ago

Everyone that knows anything about anything in this industry knows that this is a game changer for Windows.

rainslacker1755d ago

What else are they going to choose as a baseline for PC development? DX is pretty much a given on any home PC. Even OpenGL cards support it, and DX12 will support those cards even better.

And yes, it's a game changer for PC, because it actually does what should have been done 10 years ago and actually take advantage of those expensive video cards with their own system buses.

just_looken1756d ago

F that a always online os consistently sending out information on my hdd files.

Just toss dx12 on windows 7

Revvin1756d ago

I think you're right, it will certainly be a better uptake than the last time Microsoft tied a big DX update to and OS like they did with Vista and DX10. A free upgrade for windows 7 and 8 users will be a big draw especially as 10 looks to take the best of 7 and 8 and as we know its often best to skip an OS as Microsoft seems to release a dud every other release so Windows 10 should be a good OS.

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lifeisgamesok1757d ago

That's a good sign. I bet in 2016 we'll be blown away by the Unreal Engine, and the Frosbite engine with DX12

Imp0ssibl31757d ago

Don't forget CryEngine! I still like it the best

BassMan1251757d ago

Unreal Engine 4 please. We barely see any UE 4 games since the launch of this new gen.

kickerz1757d ago

Hopefully this holiday we will get a few dx12 games :)

BassMan1251757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Wait, what about AMD Mantle?

Oh right, no one cares about that.

Letros1756d ago

Mantle is dead, but it served its purpose, to get MS to acknowledge a threat and respond.

Perjoss1756d ago


Even if stuff like Mantle and Valve's Steam OS go nowhere they are still important threats that will keep MS on their toes and maybe even someday cause them to start taking PC gaming seriously again.

rainslacker1755d ago

Mantle was dropped in favor of Vulkan. Both DX12 and Mantle/Vulcan are all based on the same principals, just different implementations. This is somewhat different than prior DX/OGL implementations, which actually did have different approaches to them.

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