4 Ways to Make a Hell of a Darksiders Sequel

Darksiders as a franchise had potential, but cut short to forces outside of its control. If it returns, here's some changes we'd like to see.

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ironfist921753d ago

Make it more like the original game

KiwiViper851753d ago

It is fantastic.

But totally not what I was expecting after 100% Darksiders 1.

I was so excited for Darksiders 2 since the announcement, had it preordered, stayed up all night to play it. After 10 mins or so I was checking the case to make sure I was playing the right game. Its like the games were made by 2 different teams.

I didn't like the loot system in Ds2, It didn't make sense after war had such a close bond with his weapons, but death just switches between all sorts of weapons willy nilly.

The more open world was a good idea, but it was so empty, with mindless running to get to the next waypoint, often not knowing where I was going or what I was meant to be doing. Whereas ds1 had the hub area with different worlds leading from it, the next area was only accessible because you just unlocked an ability to get there.

I just think they changed too much from the original formula, because it didn't get the audience recognition it deserved. Im still holding onto hope that the remaster actually includes ds1 and ds2, followed closely by ds3.

DragonKnight1753d ago

This. Completely agreed. The first game was leagues better than the second, even if the second game was still good. Also, WHY DID THEY HAVE TO REMOVE THE DASH ABILITY?!

Daver1753d ago

Agree darksiders 1 was so much better!

Roccetarius1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I'm actually surprised to see more people saying the first game was better. Back when i posted the negatives about Darksiders 2, it landed me quite a few downvotes as well.

Anyways, the first game definitely had more work put into it, and it was also a more focused experience through the game.

Kingscorpion19811753d ago

Not really interested in this title anymore

kariyanine1753d ago

I'm with you, I'm kind of over it.

Ron661753d ago

Darksiders 2 was the best!

Adolph Fitler1753d ago

Darksiders was better actually... Just was an overall more engaging, fun, new, awesome game.... Darksider 2 was also a great game....but, as is almost always the case, the original is the best.

On saying that, I JUST WANT DARKSIDERS 3 to be announced & made, with next characters journey.... Again, I would like them to give it, it's own identity & such, just like they did with DS1 to DS2.... They had the balls to not just reskin War, but to give Death his own new style of play, being faster & more agile in his move sets & such.. I haven't played barely any of DS2, but I played the hell out of DS1 & love it... In fact, I'm stuck near the end of the game, & keep meaning to whack it in my PS3 & finish it off.... I mean, the amount of hrs of gameplay, in the game...makes it easier to digest paying full price (when new) for a single player game experience....Simply for the ever rising number of supposed gamers, who see no value in single player, campaign driven titles nowadays.... This is a HUGE one of the MANY reasons why THQ went down faster than the Titanic...... People weren't buying single player games like Darksiders & even Saints Row....I mean, they cut the multiplayer component of Saints Row 2, FOR ALL THE SEQUELS....That was a crazy, bold, but ultimately stupid idea from THQ & Volition.....I loved that developers too.
They had MASSES of talented developers on there ship....BUT, the suits steered that f^cker into a giant arse Iceberg called GTA4 & 5.... Games that both had the detrimental online component that many shallow hal gamers, play exclusively.... They won't even touch the campaign in many cases.....
So, had THQ opened there eyes, & seen the obvious, they could have bettered there chances of success.... Had they focused really heavily on there games ALWAYS having online competitive, & co-op, especially focusing on the Saints IP, it was winning people over, even over the mightly GTA juggernaut, & particularly after GTA4, people were a bit disillusioned by it's direction, & felt it lacked the FUN factor, that Saints had now become renowned for.
Had they have added some kind of online component to nearly all of there games.......then the sky may have been the limit... Darksiders having online may be a bit of a stretch...BUT, who knows, co-op could have easily worked for that IP, as, after all, there are 3 extra horseman, saddled up, & ready to fight.
Even competitive could have been achieved, by making it a one vs one fighting game, where you run around a huge section of map, chasing, hunting, stalking each other down, & killing each other off....VERY MUCH LIKE BUSHIDO BLADE, would have done me, nicely.....there could also be 10 or 20 AI controlled bots, on each Horseman's team, so the larger maps didn't get too sparse, just looking for your rival... Extra bodies to maim with your huge ass swords, scythes & the like, would make things less boring....

Anyhow, that is my rant, & opinion on this awesome series...& really, a awesome, top level publisher, that DID NOT deserve to go under....I mean, the aforementioned games, & the brilliant Red Faction: Guerilla, are just 3 of the very best game series, these guys allowed "SOME" of us, to get our grubby paws on, whilst the other vast majority, rather than/or as well as bought "THE USUAL" yearly updates, like C.O.D... Oh god, people were constantly ignoring REAL classics & hidden little gems, with there heads glued to the same damn game, almost 24/7...maybe they'd switch disks once in a blue moon & slide into the tray, a damn sport game yearly update... Such a shame that people were dumb & blind enough to push Okami, BG&E, Ico, SOTC, Pyschonauts, God Hand, etc, to get there copy of 50Cent: Bulletproof...I mean what the fork??????????