Snapchat Clues Tease Black Ops 3 Or Ghosts 2?

Clipping Error discuss why they think the recent 'Black Ops 3' teaser might instead be a Ghosts 2 teaser hidden within the multiplayer maps of Black Ops 2. They offer opinions to support both sides, but don't rule out the possibility of Ghosts 2 being the actual reason for the tease.

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venom061754d ago

who cares... either one will be a reskin of the previous one..

Reddzfoxx1754d ago

Treyarch making COD ghosts 2? Pure jibberish.

Ripsta7th1754d ago

No one will buy it!!
And i want a game from Treyarc not IW!

crazychris41241754d ago

Ghosts was made by Infinity Ward and other studios so it wouldn't make sense. Its either Black Ops 3 (best bet) or World at War 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.