Professor Layton 7 announced

The newest professor Layton game has been announced for 3DS as well as smartphones

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yuukiliu2852d ago

It has not been announced for 3DS???

SidebarTalk2852d ago was announced for the 3DS. I mean, the smartphones are the big news, but it'll still be on the 3DS.

yuukiliu2852d ago

Then why don't they have it listed? To me this picture says, it will be on iOS and android.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2852d ago

best to wait as it says 2015. We may have a 3DS version next year

yuukiliu2852d ago

I'm pretty sure they canceled the 3DS version, they announced it last year or something for 3ds, ios and android. Now they talk about it at this hugely 3ds centered announcement party and they removed 3ds from the image. The Japanese says 2015年夏(summer 2015) サービス開始予定。(scheduled to begin service) this sounds like a f2p smartphone game. The only time I see サービス(service) mentioned in gaming is when they are talking about f2p or mmo.

Hoffmann2852d ago

Bring it to vita and the tv consoles already too.

wheresmymonkey2852d ago

7 probably wont end up on them, but i'll be really surprised if the orignal DS trilogy of games doesn't get a VC release on WiiU eventually.