Top five console JRPGs developed by tri-Ace

Game Idealist's top five of the best console JRPGs developed by tri-Ace.

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DarkOcelet1291d ago

Resonance of Fate was excellent. They should make a second part. Its so underrated.

3-4-51291d ago

Still need to beat Star OCean 1&2 for my PSP.

AndrewLB1290d ago

I just recently played through SO1 and SO2 for PSP and am currently playing SO3 for PS2, and so far my favorite was SO2: Second Evolution.

The problem with the series is that new players don't really understand how important Private Actions are to not only the tons of different endings, but the story becomes FAR deeper because they give much more context/history/etc to the main plot.

Lon3wolf1291d ago

I agree I enjoyed RoF, shame we seem to have been the minority though.

Spurg1291d ago

They haven't made a proper game for console since Resonance of fate....

TheColbertinator1291d ago

My favorite is Radiata Stories by far

Xer0_SiN1291d ago

who the hell would down vote radiata stories? that was an excellent rpg! i know this is the age of "remasters", so thats what they should do lol.

WizzroSupreme1291d ago

I sure wish that Resonance of Fate got a second chance. So much potential.

addictedtochaos1291d ago

Star Ocean 3 has no business being on that list.

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The story is too old to be commented.