Sony Announces 2008 Lineup for PS3

"With this lineup due to be making its presence felt in the homes of PS3 users everywhere, it looks like this will be one of Sony's best-selling years. Microsoft's fall lineup might have problems keeping up with this release schedule."


"As a clarification to the list, these are the titles that were played in a montage of titles reportedly on schedule for release in 2008. We’re unsure whether that means Julian 2008 or Fiscal 2008, but we’ll be talking with Sony this week about it."

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predator5437d ago

too many great games not enough time to play them

Relin5437d ago

Or did that also have Killzone 2 and The Agency in that 2008 montage?

gaffyh5437d ago

Resident Evil 5. WHAT?! Resident Evil 5 is March 2009 unless Sony has got it as timed exclusive (which I doubt), must be a mistake.

The gaming GOD5437d ago

But the Agency IS a 08 game.

Killzone however, we all know isn't

Panthers5437d ago

They could have ment the 2008 Fiscal year. It should be out by the end of that.

Conan9975437d ago

I thought Resident Evil still had a March 09 release??

It would be nice to have it come earlier than expected but I always thought it still needed more polishing.

Anyone notice the glitch when Sheeva blew up the explosive barrel after the part where she jumped the gap? One of the zombies appears out of nowhere and does a flip.

badz1495437d ago

KZ2 and RE5 are indeed in there, so, it's safe to say that this is the line-up for the fiscal year 2008 not 2008! fiscal year 2008 will end march 31st 2009! btw, very strong line-up overall and I'm thinking of any possible way so I can get most of them, which I'm planning to get!! minus guiattr hero and Fallout 3!!

vasilisk5437d ago

They definitely meant fiscal year and not his year. If you look at Sony's past announcements they all refer to the fiscal year...

HateBoy5437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

Ummm, well this site seems to be run by morons, half those games are multiplat, yet only listed for ps3, and several are not coming out this year, as well as being multiplat. It's just silly, or did I miss something?

Edit: oh they ment fiscal year, well still, many of them are multiplat... Swings both ways too, there are games on the 360 list which also are multiplat that don't show up on the ps3 list. This is just stupid.

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NewSchoolGamer5437d ago

a tear to my eyes. Yet I wonder how am I going to get time and money to buy the games I want.

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TheHater5437d ago (Edited 5437d ago )

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
SCOM: Confrontaiton
Soul Calibur 4
Resistance 2
Mirror’s Edge
Buzz! Quiz TV
Fallout 3

those all the ones I am getting

Cerberus_Hunter5437d ago

Resistance 2
Mirror’s Edge
Resident Evil 5
Fallout 3
AND MAYBE Killzone 2 and SOCOM: Confrontaiton

HateBoy5437d ago

I'll be getting:

Motorstorm, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5 and prolly SC4. Along with GeoW2 and Portal: still alive for "the other one"! Maybe also PoP.

Closing5437d ago

Resident Evil 5 in 08! Damn this truly is the best year in gaming yet. Already have my copy pre ordered.