fl0wer E3 2008: Zen Gameplay

A video gameplay of Playstation 3 title Flower, Look closer.

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Bazookajoe_833963d ago

To me they are really amazing..

It seems as youre playing the wind and spreading the flowers and getting the windmills started...

ThatCanadianGuy3963d ago

Looks beautiful.

It's gotta be on PSN im guessing? i couldnt see them making an entire game of this..
still..looks very well done.

Shaka2K63963d ago

Sony PSN really is destroying that overpriced trash xbug lagive, PSN has innovative original tittles and microsuck has nothing but overpriced roms.

PSN > xbug lagive.

Vino3963d ago

Looks cool, their bringing rag doll kung fu to psn too.

thor3963d ago

Looks great, probably will be very short yet excellent just like flow was. Who was saying MS beat Sony at E3? Where are MS's games?

Alcohog3963d ago

I just had an acid flashback.