Nintendo Disables AVGN Adventures Miiverse Screenshots

Just over a day after launching on the eShop, the Miiverse page for Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has had user-posted screenshots disabled.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1478d ago

Hope Nintendo reverses this decision sooner rather than later.

browngamer411478d ago

At the same time though people were abusing it just because they could-I was perusing the community hoping to find some impressions of the game-instead all I can find is screenshot after screenshot of the F bomb like a bunch of ten year olds who just learned their first cuss word...

wonderfulmonkeyman1477d ago

You serious?
This is why we can't have nice things....
Well, even with that going on, taking the ability to post screenshots down is just going to end up being spun as bad press despite them having good reason to do so.
I can feel it in my bones.

ZeekQuattro1477d ago

No surprises here. Every other post was a screenshot of the game over screen with all its colorful language. I made a comment about how I was surprised Nintendo allowed screenshots for the game and it was removed. lol

Owenza1474d ago

Nintendo sure do like to put their PR foot in it, don't they?