Sony could win the virtual reality game here's why

Sony has been experimenting with virtual reality technology for years, long before Oculus founder Palmer Luckey put together his first Rift prototype. Sony used its PlayStation Eye and PlayStation 3 console to test head-tracking technology in the mid-2000s and later built prototype head-mounted displays, known as HMDs. One of the reasons why Sony has been able to commit to an early 2016 release date for its consumer VR product is because of its extensive research and development in the field.

Haru3107d ago

Agreed Project Morpheous is the best VR out there right now, It's light comfortable and very advanced, if priced corectly it could become the next big thing and change the whole gaming industry

S2Killinit3107d ago

its getting interesting as we get closer to a release announcement. I have hope that E3 will answer some questions.

medman3107d ago

It could be huge. And by huge, I mean gargantuan. No Man's Sky???

MysticStrummer3107d ago

If Morpheus is good enough and cheap enough it could happen, but it will almost have to be so cheap that Sony takes a loss.

_-EDMIX-_3099d ago

They took a loss on Bluray being added in PS3 and it was a good move if you consider PS4 and XONE are cheaper because of that move.

Also consider Sony has made HMD's before, if they take a loss, I feel it will be a great investment for them.


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gamerz13d ago

Woo hoo! Such an INCREDIBLE game and can't wait to try the new DLC, for FREEEEEEEE!


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