Has Gaming Hit A Graphical Halt?

Graphics have always been a key component of gaming ever since they became a popular mainstream form of entertainment. It was one of the main reasons for propelling the gaming industry to the level it is today. Back when I was younger, I remember the release of the PS1 was a huge change in gaming, everyone couldn’t believe the graphical advances Sony took gaming into with their new generation of home gaming...

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Jalva1389d ago

Hopefully, at least then developers could start focusing more on gameplay.

annoyedgamer1389d ago

That has stagnated as well. The peek in innovation seems to hit in 2007 for PC and 2010 for consoles. Everything after was just refinement and rehashing.

Neonridr1389d ago

too many remakes and remasters currently. I wish devs were pushing more for new IPs and titles instead of remaking games from a few years ago.

iliimaster1389d ago

well tomb raider was an amaZing suprise for me its just a shame its hard to get matches in multiplayer i musta got it too late but im ranked 32 online (need 60 for trophy and win ranked match in all game types) i fear wont be able to get

mabreu1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

This is true with any source of entertainment. Whether it's books, movies, music, or gaming. After a while, rehashing older titles becomes the new norm. But that doesn't make it bad. As Pablo Picasso said:

"Good artists copy; great artists steal."

Innovators have the credit of making something new that was not done before. But that doesn't mean it stops there. We need to take that new discovery and constantly make it better.

As far as remakes is concerned, this is not a surprise. It's like releasing a movie on DVD and then a few years later, sell it again on bluray. Or, sell a book, and then sell it again in digital form.

Back on the graphical halt discussion, I think art direction is more important than specs. Garbage in 4k resolution and 120 FPS is still garbage. Nuff said.

Saijahn1388d ago

the tomb raider multiplayer was awful

UltraNova1388d ago

All they need to do is focus on lighting, this is where the true jump will happen. If they manage to reach photo-realistic lighting levels we wont believe our eyes even with current gen engine assets!

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trellos1389d ago

It's inexcusable for games on this gen of consoles to run under 60fps.

PersonMan1389d ago

60fps means that you won't get great graphics, but you'll have mediocre graphics with extra frames.

I think 60fps is a waste of resources that could've been used to add more detail to the game.

cogniveritas1388d ago

That tends to happen at the midway to end of a console life cycle

Roccetarius1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

No, Graphics still have plenty of progress to do, but it's being held back currently. It's unfortunate, but that's just the reality of things. Companies are thinking about their bottom line more than future proofing, so they went the cheaper route instead.

@Neonridr, it's easy money and it's what you'll be seeing filling out this generation to the end.

PersonMan1389d ago

I feel like graphics are being held back by last generation. I've noticed that games released on PS4 and Xbox One are almost always better looking than games that were brought to PS3, PS4, 360 and XBox One.

By the way. When they first showed off the PS4, my jaw dropped for Second Son, Killzone Shadowfall and Knack, but now even those games are starting to look aged already because of Driveclub and the Order 1886. It's ridiculous how fast games are evolving graphically.

Right now, as I'm typing this, I'm thinking to myself how can they top Driveclub's attention to detail? There's no doubt in my mind however that someone will top it and Driveclub will look dated and cartoonish.

RegorL1389d ago

EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR | Frostbite Integration

- look closely at that last close up (lightning, insects)

I think it will be very interesting to see Battlefront before judging if we are at a stop or not...

Genova841389d ago

Just wait for these upcoming dx12 games. There will be a huge difference!

Roccetarius1389d ago

Indeed, DX12 seems to be proving a significant boost for PC users, but we'll see the real performance once it's officially released.

Saijahn1388d ago

The only thing holding back graphics is time and the last gen consoles. We've seen some spectacular looking current-gen exclusives already with Ryse and unquestionably with The Order. This is just the beginning of the generation, graphics will without a doubt get much better.

But NEVER EVER EVER, put graphics before great gameplay.

Parhelion691389d ago

The Order and Driveclub show that we aren't stagnated in graphics.

And wait for this year and 2016, some really good looking games are coming

SuperLupe1389d ago

From what we've seen so far it looks nice but not mindblowing like UC2 looked like.


Quite frankly, my mind had not been blow in the last 10 years or so... It's not that graphics had not been evolving, they had and they will continue to. But since that time it had been evolving in baby steps, we did not have anymore graphical leaps, just the obvious progression well within expectations.

SteamPowered1389d ago

No ceiling on PC graphics so far. VR is going to take graphics even further still.

ThatEnglishDude1389d ago

Why must everything be so grounded in reality and shoot for 'realism'. Good graphics may look nice, technically speaking, but there's a very noticeable lack of imagination that comes with not-so good visuals that I miss.

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