Here’s Your First Look at Asus GTX 970 Turbo

Seems like Asus is on the roll. After announcing the GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition yesterday; the company’s back with another GPU that is dubbed as Asus GTX 970 Turbo. The GPU comes with a design that is quite close to the reference design and the entire shroud is white along with accents of red. As for the cooling; the card is using the blower type cooling design, the PCB itself look short.

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hiredhelp2483d ago

Wow the green Team going White and Red

NuggetsOfGod2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Looks cool!

If nvidia cards soon work with amd cards then why not.

Jdoki2483d ago

Interesting that they've just gone with a reference design.

I went with an Asus 980 Strix, and that thing is ridiculously good. Fans don't even turn on until it hits 67degrees C. And it overclocks very nicely. I would definitely have bought a white / red edition if they offered it. :)

mixelon2483d ago

I have the 970 Strix. Really love the card, same thing with the fans, its pretty awesome. :D

megatron007332483d ago

I heard that Gigabyte G1 Gaming Edition is the best one.

mixelon2483d ago

@megatron00733 - I think it depends what you're after.. The Strix doesn't overclock as far as some but it has great cooling/silence, also only has 1 power connector on the card instead of the usual 2.

Varmint2483d ago

"Seems like Asus is on the roll."

"There are no details yet"

I mean, it's another blower-cooled 970 variant with no information on how it's clocked or whether it has anything exciting/different under the hood. Why bother making an article before there's some actual information on how the specs of this thing differ from other 970s?

mixelon2483d ago

I guess a roll of releasing notably decent+ stuff, not a roll of releasing notably amazing stuff?

Moldiver2483d ago

That casing looks sexy! Matches my NZXT phantom case perfectly! My whole PC is white red except my black and gold gigabyte MOBO and my black and gold enermax 1200W PSU.

megatron007332483d ago

I always doubt Nvidia will do anything good :)

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