AMD Taunts Nvidia Over Latest Graphics Card Controversy #IWant4GB

Of the few remaining Video Game Brand Battles, the AMD vs. Nvidia fight might be my favorite. The two graphics companies often take small swipes at each other, and usually with less restraint than console or game manufacturers. With #IWant4GB

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Killa782552d ago

Ahah, that's great.

But AMD gotta up their game as well.

Dhampir2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Oh how about the r9 300 series.

Nvidia has really fallen lately. G-sync forces display manufacturers to buy chips from nvidia to support their cards, and only their cards. Gameworks gets developers to use features that are proprietary to nvidia cards. They lock 3d rendering behind buying their 3d vision, and PhysX is disabled unless you only use nvidia cards. Then there is the shoddy drivers they've put out lately.

The amazing 4gb 970, which drops framerate by 50-75% if anything uses more than 3.5gb of vram, just adds more fuel to the fire.

3-4-52552d ago

I'd never sacrifice reliability and quality for a few extra bells and whistles.

MajorGecko2552d ago

keep swinging at each other this is the kinda fighting i like!

lfc_4eva2552d ago

If thats all AMD have, they need to shut up.
Despite its flaws, the 970 rips AMD a new one. Then there's the 980...........

BC_Master_Haze2552d ago

Where it really soars above competition is overclocking. You can get 980 performance out of a 970, or better in my case :) I got fans for daaaaays

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