Virtual Console Gets DS and Nintendo 64 Games

Hardcore Gamer: Wii U is going to get Nintendo DS games on the Virtual Console, as announced in today’s Nintendo Direct, along with N64 games.

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-Foxtrot2206d ago

Only'd think they'd have all their games on by now.

I mean with them not having much third party support the best thing they could of done is get as many old games on the VC.

Sincere01212206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Moan moan moan, friggin ell, I don't know why you even bother with Nintendo as you find a problem with 99% of everything they do, all doom and gloom with you.

Im looking forward to playing super mario 64 and glad they've finally added it to the virtual console.

@Xof nah Nintendo's not perfect or flawless but its also not as bad as people like to make out.
Haters are Quick to point out the negative but slow to say anything positive.
Theres A DIFFERENCE to being critical and just hating for the fun of it aka being a whining baby.

Educate yourself.

Xof2206d ago

I know, right? Clearly Nintendo is perfect and flawless and anyone who has anything critical to say is clearly a whining baby.

Randostar2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Sorry man, there isn't many positive things to say about nintendo anymore.
It would be cool if they tried to innovate games again(N64 and Gamecube era) instead of making consoles based around gimmicks(Wii and Wiiu Era).

-Foxtrot2206d ago

Like always someone (a fanboy usually of that said company) ignores the positive things someone says about "company X" because he or she is ticked off they've said something bad about them

It's such an old comeback on here or any forum for that matter.

Instead of actually giving me or whoever else a proper counter point to their comment about WHY they are wrong you come up with some lame, out dated come back.

If you are going to act like that over someone's opinion then why bother being on here. There is a reason why you are down to one bubble.

CerebralAssassin2205d ago

Lack of third party support aside, one would think the VC would flourish on the wii U. The VC is a huge reason I got the Wii. Which in turn is a huge reason I got the WiiU. I've enjoyed what they put on there so far but I agree with foxtrot to a point. I would think MORE games would be available then what is now. Not all. It is in fact rather disappointing to have waited this long for n64 games which the original Wii had them so early.

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magiciandude2206d ago

Well there's licensing and optimizing the emulator to work as closest to the original experience as possible. It really isn't that simple.

wonderfulmonkeyman2206d ago

Come back when you have a clear idea of the kind of work it would take to get that huge a back catalog running with Wii U options like off screen support in a little over two years, alongside all the other work they're doing.

pivotplease2206d ago

It's been long enough. They should have really debuted the console with it. The least they can do now is try to get us at least a new game every month. Just 1 is pretty weak in all honesty.

-Foxtrot2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

If Nintendo knew that those old games are all they currently have (as they've said themselves) then they should have worked on them as hard as they could to get as many of them out.

Are you really trying to say adding "screen support" takes two bloody years for an old game. Are you that deluded.

Look at all the PS1/Xbox games Sony and MS had on the PS3/360 in the space of a few years when those consoles just came out...yet Nintendo have JUST put Super Mario 64 on. I mean come on that game would of been the first thing to have on your console in the first year.

But no...go back to your fantasy land where Nintendo can do no wrong. We've all seen your comments defending the shit out of them regardless of what they do.

Basically the kind of "fan" who won't let the company improve because they keep making them think they've done nothing wrong.

Concertoine2206d ago

No, it's not really impressive that they did that. The Wii had N64 and genesis on literally launch day.

I'm not sure what took so long with wii u...

just_looken2206d ago

Ahh this generation 40% old games that are upscaled 20% new ideas the rest crappy casual games.

wonderfulmonkeyman2206d ago ShowReplies(1)
marloc_x2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

You will see 64 releases for years to come now. They are not copy and ;)

Geez..people have been concerned about N64 titles even coming to the eshop.

I will REALLY enjoy mapping my gamepad to play Mario 64♤

ChickeyCantor2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

"Like always someone (a fanboy usually of that said company) ignores the positive things someone says about "company X" "

Your negative stance outweighs anything positive you say.

Drop the act, being pretentious about it is even worse.

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LOL_WUT2206d ago

Finally the only good thing about that direct imo. Can't wait to download mario 64 and paper mario ;)

crusf2206d ago

"Finally the only good thing about that direct imo."
Can't believe you stared blankely at the screen while Lucas was being announced.

pivotplease2206d ago

Is he paid dlc though? If so I don't really care. He's pretty much just a Ness reskin.

marloc_x2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Fatal Frame and racing 8 more tracks in a 200cc MK8 class.

really troop?

WPX2206d ago

Now we need those awesome Castlevania DS games.
And Contra 4 too.
Do that and you'll have me throwing money at the screen.

Xof2206d ago

You'll notice that the only N64 and NDS games they're showing off are first party titles. It wouls seem Nintendo is -still- unable to get third parties to work with them on the Virtual Console.

wonderfulmonkeyman2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

You're forgetting the precedent set by Mega Man, Golden Sun, and quite a few others that are already on the eshop for past systems in that statement, champ.
It's obvious that they'll start off with first party and go with smaller third party titles afterwards. They'll come. Quit assuming they aren't working with third parties at all over this.

Xof2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I'm not forgetting them. You look at the Wikipedia tables of VC games, and you'll see Nintendo and Capcov and not a lot of anyone else. Especially recently.

So either Nintendo is still handling the VC as poorly as they did with the Wii, or those third parties were so burned by the Wii they don't want to go back.

wonderfulmonkeyman2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

It's got more consoles available for it than the Wii did and a wider variety of games to boot, so no, not 'just as poorly', and considering discussions regarding third party games take time, it's also dumb to think that irs a matter of the 'not wanting to come back 'cause of the Wii'.

Xof2206d ago

...I guess you don't know how Nintendo treated 3rd parties back in the Wii days? They had sales thresholds, and would not let third parties get any money from their VC sales until they had passed a certain threshold. This resulted in many third parties not getting any money for their effort. That was a problem.

Anyway, to your other "points."

The Wii VC had games from 9 different platforms (NES, SNES, N64, MAS, GEN, TFX, GEO, C64 and ARC. WiiU VC only has games from 5 different platforms--6 if you count the Wii games as VC games.

And, of course, the WiiU Virtual Console service has fewer games, even on the platforms it shares. Well, maybe the WiiU VC has more NES games.

And I'm not sure where you get this "wider variety of games" from.

Anyway, the simple fact of the matter is that the WiiU's Virtual Console has been handled very, very poorly by Nintendo. As for why that is... who knows. But don't pretend everything is peachy. Even for fanboys, there needs to be a limit to delusions of adequacy.

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