What Should We Expect from Tonight’s Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo announced earlier today that a new Nintendo Direct would be airing tonight at 22:00 GMT (18:00 EDT), which will bring updates concerning their upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles, followed by a short Nintendo Treehouse special on one of their spring releases. Don’t worry, this is no joke – Nintendo even said so.

Nintendo Directs always do a good job of riling up our excitement, interest and plenty of speculation. While absolutely nothing is concrete, here’s a list of things we just may see tonight.

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Sincere01212206d ago

Keeping expectations very low

jayzablade2206d ago

22:00 GMT??
I'm sure my email said 23:00....Can anyone confirm this??

Testfire2206d ago

Thanks! Helpful bubbles!

jayzablade2206d ago

Cheers buddy!!
Have it queued up ready to play on my TV!!
(Also bubbled up for helpful!)

N0TaB0T2206d ago

Hints about hints about the up and coming thing regarding hints about the previously leaked information leaks.

juaburg912206d ago

New Metroid???

Come on RETRO! Give it toooooo US NOOOW ;)

RJ920092206d ago

Animal crossing wii u?

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