Rumour: Sony Playstation E3 conference, what we've been told

According to the rep, Sony have some interesting things to unveil at the show. The first thing which caught our attention was 4 new PS3 exclusive games which are to be released later on in the year and early 2009.

The Sony rep said that Home has a few more features/additions and these will also be demonstrated. What these features are exactly, we don't know.

A new Playstation controller is also supposed to be in the making. Apparently it has a much longer battery life (not that the current controllers don't have a long battery life!), will be lighter than the current DualShock3, and of course will include rumble. A wireless headset is also said to be included in future PS3 packages and we're told that we could be seeing a new PS3 bundle in time for Christmas. With Resistance 2 being released in November, there's a very good chance that Resistance 2 could be part of the new PS3 bundle.

A new PS3 firmware is supposed to be demonstrated, displaying "In game chat". A few more "surprises" will be detailed later today, we're not told what, so we'll just have to sit back and wait.

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Spike475366d ago

4 new exclusives!!!!!!!!!!!!! God of war 3........and 3 left after that. What could they be?

Shadow Flare5366d ago

God of War 3
Uncharted 2
Shadow of the Collosus 2/Team ICO project
.....Final Fantasy VII haha (i flippin wish it were)

Veryangryxbot5366d ago

If half these rumors are true, than Sony already stole the SHOW again!

If thats not any indication as to which company and which console is the leading system, than I dont know what is.

And will SE redeem themselves or are they going to lose MILLIONS of fans?

jwatt5366d ago

This sounds made up and too good to be true, In game chat already?

Fishy Fingers5366d ago

Doesn't say now or "already". It said, to be demonstrated. Remember Sony "demonstrated" in-game XMB over 2 years ago.

Solid_Snake6665366d ago

3 parts to the firmware 2.4 xmb chat and the other1 hasnt been anounced my friend told me in game chat for sure do i know this lets say i got connections

SL1M DADDY5366d ago


Sure you do.

*wink, wink*

PopEmUp5366d ago

he mean connection with the ps3:P

pizzas5366d ago

Where are Microsoft's "new" games? XIII will be released first on PS3 anyway and it's not exactly new lol. It's a multi-platform game that was announced in 2005. Versus is still PS3 exclusive. Did M$ have ANY new games to show off at all? If not then this is just sad. Lamest press conference ever. Sony has FOUR new games to show? If that's true then oh my god. My predictions are God of War 3, Team Ico's new game, Uncharted 2 and a new IP.

AceLuby5366d ago

Uncharted 2
Twisted Metal

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cp685366d ago


Nothing new. Every time sony has a keynote, they talk the same thing. I guess the only new thing tonight will be......more delay announcements.
Sony has lost, sony is doomed. Sony has nothing left in its pockets. Damn it.

Ghoul5366d ago

hahaha good laugh thanks for the entertainment, i see you in 4 hours crying at your xbox rack.

thor5366d ago

So apparently, 4 new exclusive games means nothing new. Great xbox fanboy logic for you right there.

crck5366d ago

really now? I thought it was GDC 2k7.

dude_uk5366d ago

sorry but i just had to laugh at this comment...

SL1M DADDY5366d ago

Oh wow, look who's the comedian now! lol

Good one there, I just about blew milk out my nose. Thanks for a good laugh.

Sony's DOOMED! lol


Dark vader5366d ago

o and what did microsoft conference bring new to the table? every game they showed we already knew was coming out. They didn't suprise us with no new exclusive. All they showed was a bunch of multiplatform games. Even their gran finally at the end was a mutiplatform game. nothing exclusive.

pizzas5366d ago (Edited 5366d ago )

I think you're talking about Microsoft there. They had zero new games to show while Sony supposedly has 4 new exclusives coming. Microsoft's press conference was a joke. FFXIII is still exclusive to the PS3 in Japan so i'm not sure why they're happy. Stealing exclusives and paying for exclusive DLC is all they're good for. They never make their own 1st party stuff so they need to steal Sony's 3rd party support to make themselves feel better. They're ruining the video games industry. They're just like EA and their fans don't deserve to call themselves gamers.

TornRaptor5366d ago

You are one arrogant person blinded by that haze known as Fanboyism.
You know darn well that Microsoft had a first party exclusive shown during there conference, Lionhead are part of MGS after all.

Now it's on to the Sony conference, heres hoping for a good performance, and some excellent games.

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blusoops5366d ago

1. God of War 3
2. Exclusive from Incognito (makers of Warhawk)
3. ?
4. ?

I can think of many exclusives, but not new ones. I'm excited to see what these are!

Origin5366d ago

prob infamous and maybe some wardevil

Ghoul5366d ago

la noir is rumored to be shown
new team ico game (new ip)
god of war 3
maybe new david jaffe game
ff versus ? maybe
new tekken material

i can think of tons of exclusivs

resistance1005366d ago

4 Games?

I suspect

-God of War III
-Team ICO Project 3
-Exclusive R* Title
-The game that BBC reporter was on about

BananaSlug5366d ago

The only charts I better see is Uncharted 2!!!

resistance1005366d ago

It won't be Uncharted 2, But it could be Jak 4

BananaSlug5366d ago

A release date and gameplay video for Jak and Daxter would be one of many announcements needed today

Jerkapotamus5366d ago

There are also the NCSoft exclusive projects that were announced awhile ago. When you think about it, four exclusives doesn't sound that unbelievable.

Freak of Nature5366d ago

Along with the reporter from the BBC's comments on a fantastic new IP,another came from the main editor from PSM a couple months ago...She had said their were two new IP's that were special...

We already know Uncharted 2 is coming,and it would be great to see it,but I want to see Jax 4 even more so. I want them both a whole lot,but knowing we are getting both ASAP,thats even better.

R&C Quest for Booty is another I hope to see.

Of course God of War 3.

Another one is Beyond good & Evil 2.But it's multi-plat,so I quess more on this game later...

And then comes Team Ico's next game,I'll do double back flip cart-wheels if this is shown...

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