One Sales Edge Xbox One Still Has Over PlayStation 4

ADG talks about one sales edge that the Xbox One still has over PlayStation 4 from his personal experience owning both consoles.


PS. This article wasn't written for click bait. It was really written based on what I feel about games and DLC sales (NOT CONSOLES) which are important. 24 hours can mean a lot for a business cause every single dollar matters just ask anyone in business. I mention this in the article in several points. Thanks to all rather you hated or disliked for your output and view but all of this hate seems like sheep and misguided individuals with an issue against the writer and not paying attention to the topic at hand. It's in all the responses over most of you responded with things that the article wasn't even about.

PeaSFor3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

holy fack that was a garbage "article":

"I recently purchased Evolve on Xbox One. The reason why isn’t cause it looks better to me, isn’t cause it plays better to me, or any fashion gameplay or visual rated superior overPlayStation4. The reason I did it is so I can make content for my pages and get a head start.

In final, Sony needs to make that final step to secure their edge."

...wow, really? why would N4G allow such crappy "articles" to be approved here?

AntDaGamer3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I edited for you sir. I changed some issues that was cause from copying and pasting. I also changed cause to because. Anything else you want me to change outside my opinion I will do. Also, this article was about something I felt truly was an advantage to Xbox One in the sales department. I do believe there are many like me that purchase on Xbox One just cause it's available on their marketplace first.

Bdub20003106d ago

Antdagamer: way to step out on a ledge and write an article. I'm not saying I agree with your point of view,but That's more than most of the critics below have done. Just be prepared to face criticism, no matter how great your opinion piece may be someone will always disagree. Keep up the writing, improve your skills, and don't let all the MONKEYS in the comment section sway you from a passion.

GribbleGrunger3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

They say that if monkey had a typewriter and hit keys randomly for eternity then the laws of probability suggests the monkey would eventually write the works of Shakespeare ... It has yet to be proven.

stuna13107d ago

Now that was uncalled for lol. "Oh Romeo wherefore art tdfgrecvgyj".

medman3106d ago

If the monkey doesn't produce, I say spank the monkey.

AntDaGamer3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

This article isn't about just my purchase. It's about all the people in the gaming community that will purchase content on Xbox One first just cause of when they release it. This isn't spam. I wrote this article from the heart and to see someone smash on the entire article from one reason..well I could easily take that statement out would that change anything..My article would still be about a sell advantage Xbox One has. Calling my work spam is wrong on so many levels but what can I do..

johndoe112113107d ago

"Shouldn’t this be one of the rewards outside of just being able to play the once free multiplayer and the occasional free games that consist mostly of indies and low selling titles."

This pretty much says everything I need to know about you.

SuperRaccoon3107d ago

If you want people to take you seriously you could start by writing properly.

Insomnia_843107d ago

If you ever play Bloodborne, I know you would choose Waste Of Skin.

Spotie3107d ago

It's not much of an advantage, though. Not anymore. Last gen, when they got the Call of Duty DLC early, it helped sell that game more. But it didn't really help the console. And it's not helping now.

Besides, why not mention the DLC for Destiny? I'm sure there are other examples you could have looked up, but you didn't even bother.

That's what makes it lame.

kstap333107d ago

If the article is not pandering to PS4 fans, its not welcome here.

WilDRangeRfc3107d ago

Heres one, stop writing articles:)

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LexHazard793107d ago

I won't call(even tho I want to)it garbage. I know you put alot into writing and its not easy. I know I can't do it. But I also don't like having my time wasted. Thanks anyway..

NegativeCreep4273107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

This article is the most desperate piece of hyperbolic tripe i've seen in quite some time. It may be an opinion, but it is quite the grasping opinion.

If only I could get my click back.

bmwfanatic3107d ago

I for one am glad Sony is NOT focused on that, rather the focus on awesome exclusives like bloodborne. I hope they dont change let m$ pay for the dlc first while sony makes new ip's.

AntDaGamer3107d ago

the article is about things just becoming available before Tuesday. You know Microsoft updates there store or starts the day before. Content that will be getting tommorow will be on Microsoft's store tonight. Several DLCs that aren't DLC first DLC's are already available. Sony could just change their update schedule to a little sooner. I guess I did a bad job getting that point across.

MysticStrummer3107d ago

Timed exclusives of any kind are a complete non factor for me, and what you're talking about doesn't even qualify to be called a timed exclusive.

KwietStorm_BLM3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yea I guess you did. Regardless, until this apparent sales edge actually translates to some kind of sales edge, or anything resembling the opposite of a sales deficit, then it really doesn't matter, at all. And that's not an opinion.