The Resident Evil Series Needs a Reboot

After diving back into one of my favorite gaming series with Resident Evil HD Remaster and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 I have come to an unfortunate conclusion. The series has run its course and needs a reboot if it is going to move forward in any significant way. “Ugh,” I hear you saying already, “not another reboot!” Typically I would be saying the exact same thing. Reboots are usually a last ditch effort to salvage a franchise that was run into the ground. And, you know what, that’s where Resident Evil will be if it keeps going as it is now.

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gantarat1389d ago

how old main character resident evil nowadays ?

Mikefizzled1389d ago

As of Resident Evil 6:
Leon 36
Jill 39
Chris 40
Claire 34

KyRo1388d ago

I don't want a reboot tbh. I just want fixed camera angles, tank controls or the reworked controls of the REHD remake, zombies and item management. You'd think the commercial success of the recent HD remake would open up their eyes and realise people still enjoy classic RE. Also if they are going to do co-op, keep it in the mercs/raid/other modes, not the main campaign unless co-op is unlocked once you've completed the game solo first.

georgenancy1388d ago

you're living in the past, games need to evolve

Pennywise1381388d ago

I agree. After replaying remake I realize they just don't make games like that anymore. The mansion design and puzzles and atmosphere were all just genius. You actually had to use your brain instead of just walking a linear path of over the top action and set pieces.

Baka-akaB1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Well i wouldnt mind a reboot ... the story feels like ruined multiple episode ago , and the bestiary is quite ridiculous among other issues . We're one step away from fighting some hybrid caterpillar/racoon/iguana zombie , and monsters looking worse than the bestiary of Parasite Eve 2 ...

ritsuka6661389d ago

After the abomination that was resident evil 6, and the lackluster no 5 it needs it, to me though the brand has been sullied so much I dont really give a feck for resident evil anymore.

ameliabaz1389d ago

Same. With all the unnecessarily added junk like Uroboros, Wesker's son, Neo Umbrella, Tricall, Alex Wesker, Ada Wong's doppleganger, etc. it's hard for me to give a crap about the series anymore. The storyline is too neddlessly messy and there are so many retcons that it doesn't even feel like Resident Evil anymore. The bland gameplay certainly doesnt help.

Loadedklip1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Only RE6 has that issue ... the story of RE5 was fine.

Nerdmaster1388d ago

RE5 transformed one of the most iconic and misterious villains in all video games into a boring generic megalomaniac villain.

Baka-akaB1388d ago

Re5 had all of those issues , it was pretty much the beginning of it ...

Come on did we really need Tricell , Excella , Uroboros ? Jill "dying" and coming back as some crap mutant from the Re movies ?

And Wesker was indeed turned into something worse than Aizen from Bleach

Pozzle1388d ago


You know there's a problem when even the heroes mock the villain's "comic book" plans. I miss old, mysterious, puppetmaster Wesker.

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Loadedklip1389d ago

I disagree ... Resident Evil 5 might not have been a great "horror" game but it was an outstanding action and coop game.

And Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a step back into the horror direction ... it is fantastic. limited ammo, great difficult (on survivor), great story, puzzles and level design.

It truly feels like a classic Resident Evil in the post RE4 style.

dreamed1388d ago

Agreed it was my fav franchise yrs ago,but nowadays i couldnt give to shits about it.....its just a shitty cover shooter.

HentaiMasterRace1389d ago

I think there just needs to be another RE that basically erases the existence of the recent games.

Pennywise1381388d ago

Or even just use the new remake HD as a jumping off point to restart the franchise. The story and ideas outside of the bad acting is great in the remake. The little things I missed the first time around like the family held captive there and turned into monsters were a nice touch. I think with the success of its sales it shows what the fans really want. So using that momentum they could either do a full on remake of re2 or tweak it to be a new story completely and still call it resident evil 2 even though the original 2 was pretty genius in its own right. 4 doesn't need a remake and was an amazing game but also laid the brick for the series to go down the wrong path completely. 5 was uninspired and opened the door for just over the top silliness while also completely removing any horror elements that 4 still had going for it and then 6 was a 3rd person call of duty wannabe. All style no substance. And last thing, can we please steer away from computer assisted co-op. Its work in like 4 games ever in history and has been a total pain in every other. Resident evil should be a lonesome eerie journey which is exactly what makes the first one so special.

EvilWay1388d ago

They need to start the series over with a new idea and characters in a badass environment

XXXL1388d ago

Capcom needs a Reboot

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