Sony loses FF13 but does it matter?

Square Enix announced in E3 that FF 13 will be released exclusively for the PS3 in Japan, and in X360/PS3 in English speaking territories. No dates were given, so we are not sure if the PS3 still has the game as a time exclusive at this moment.

Let's sit down and analyze the situation for a second…

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tweaker3967d ago

It only matters to fanboys.

Breakfast3967d ago does pertain to me.

Oh...well....i got the good end of the stick.


CrazzyMan3967d ago

For PS3 sales - NO.
1-2 mln. x360 owners won`t buy PS3. Oh, BIG deal, really.

Moreover, we don`t know the details, what the difference there will be, maybe PS3 version won`t be downgraded because of x360, and ps3 will run at 720p and use 50GB, while x360 to maintain SAME visual quality and be on 4 DVDs will run at 480p, WHO knows? =))

p.s. And if Sony Knew that FFXIII going multi, then they definitely should have something BIGGER then FFXIII.
Exclusive FF7 remake or KH3? =]
Exclusive announcement >>> Multiplatform announcement. =)

RemmM3967d ago

I could see the smile on that guy's face when the Square Enix guy was about to reveal the FFXIII trailer. They did it SONY style. And the hand signs the MS guy made..*2 guns* indicating that ''SONY we have your big gun''

Bnet3433967d ago

No, it matters to Sony, Microsoft, and fanboys of course. You can't sit here and tell me Sony did not care about FFXIII. Yes, it matters.

sonarus3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Does it matter? YES
Is it being blown out of proportion? YES
Does it mean victory for Msoft? NO
Does it mean victory for Sony? NO
Does it mean victory for 360 fanboys? YES

That is it and there is nothing more to it. Sony has been riding some heavy momentum since their victory of blu ray. FFXIII multiplatform is simply MSoft killing off sony's momentum. Now its up to sony to regain the momentum or Msoft to completely wipe them out

Kaneda3967d ago

If tomorrow SE and Sony announce remakes of FFVII.. everything else happened today will be forgotten..

Omegasyde3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Anyone with a half educated mind would know that the game will be gimped like a Mutha. Square really like to push the graphic limits on each new Final Fantasy on a new console...

FF on Snes < FF7 on PSX < FF10 on the PS2.

I am glad more people get to enjoy the game but it also saddens me the game won't push the limits of the PS3.

in the end, just like GTA4....
Could the game have been graphically better if a PS3 exclusive?

EDIT: Lets try and not use Haze as an example :)

Even Dan Houser (R* developer) said that while working on GTA4.

xjxdoggystyyle3967d ago

why is it that when an xbox supporter copy pastes a part of a story and defends xbox they are banned for 14 days and below me there are many articles that are sayin xbox fanboys etc.......and they are left alone...kinda confused? help me out here? are mods ...ya know....on the sony boat on this site also?

GUNS N SWORDS3967d ago

so i don't know were your going hear, and on a side note gears 2 runs at full 720p with multi sampling, it didn't have to hit a sub hd rez so that it can play fast( no offence)

Omegasyde3967d ago

Your wrong unless 768p is now sub hd. I mean If i Do the math 720p is considered HD.

To prove you wrong here is one link for MGS4 running at 1024x768 which is abit higher than 720p but not 1080 of coarse.

Chuck Norris3967d ago

It matters because this would mean that the english version of FF13 will get delayed as we wait for the completion of the 360 version because SE plans to simultaneously release this on both consoles.

FantasyStar3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Why does it mattter? Seriously?! It looks crisp as ever on my 32" Vizio. Geez...the straws people will grasp just to make a game look bad. Gears 2 is probably 720p, MGS4 is that wuzzit's'P'. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKES?! As long as the game is crisp and nice (unlike Halo 3), the scaling is good, and there's no noticeable framerate issues; who gives a flying f***?

Geez man, kids these days.

TheSadTruth3967d ago

The assumptions in this article are LUDICROUS. Very poorly written, uninformed and biased. I am one of those people (my brother and I) who will not be getting a PS3 now that FFXIII is coming to Xbox 360. Stop trying to spin crap. This is a big deal.

Chris Bosh3967d ago

and i know u are too!!!
so stop bullshitting.
But we still have versus, the only on i wuz lookin forward to.

MikeGdaGod3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

i never played a FF game besides Crisis Core on PSP so i don't care.

i didn't buy my PS3 for FFXIII. i bought it for MGS4, GoW3, Twisted Metal, SOCOM, Tekken, Warhawk, Motorstorm, blu-ray, ect...

FF is just icing on the cake to me....maybe not even that cause i'm not a fan of the series or the genre.

doesn't matter to me at all

deeznuts3967d ago

Breakfast - 3 hours ago
PM Track Ignore
1.1 - does pertain to me.

Oh...well....i got the good end of the stick.


Is that what he told ya?

Thugbot1873967d ago

It matter not only to fanboys but gamers also but for different reasons. I’m a gamer and I follow the games. So normally you would come to my house to find multiple consoles. Incentives to pick up the competing console are mitigated by the library of games; AAA titles, and Exclusives. This time around seems like I will be sticking with the PC/360 but that can change depending on what I see come from the PS3 library.

Guwapo773967d ago

It looks crisp as ever on my 32" Vizio.

Even Pong looks crisp on Vizio.

sumfood4u3967d ago

I could careless if its multi platform, just bring this wonderful game out asap!

YogiBear3967d ago

Anybody that is waiting to buy a $400-$500 system for one game is a half-wit.

Megatron083967d ago

It matters a great deal to sony. There are still a ton of people waiting to upgrade to a ps3 or 360. A lot of people will look at the games that are coming out or already out. When they look at the 360 they will see games like Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, GTA4, CoD4, DMC4, Star Ocean 4 and now FF13. When they look at game on the PS3 They will see GoW3 (if its out), MGS4, GTA4, CoD4, DMC4, and FF13. Plus the 360 is a 100 dollars cheaper. So ya this will hurt the ps3 sells alot

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infinate3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

It doesn't, ps3 owners still has great games to look forward to

Omegasyde3967d ago

Actually it does.

Through the Xbox Avatars A.k.a. Xii's You can play as your guest character and level him up with new clothing, new hand gestures, new facial animations, new shoelaces, new eyebrow, new tongue rings etc.

Once done you can export your Xii's to play a game of Xii's play. After playing with Xii play you can then jump on the "Micrsoft Fit" balance board and then level up your Xii with new trophies to take back into FF13.

Once you have enough Achievement points from using your Xii, you can then play retro games like Super Microsoft Brothers 1-3.

Torch3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

LOL!...ah, seems like I can always turn to you for the occasional good chuckle!

..."Xii's"...just classic. Did you make that one up, or has it been already circulating the web since today's conference?

To be honest, I was a little slow to put it together, and I thought you were being serious until I read further.

I'd bubble you, bud I'd already done so earlier on. Consider it officially applied to your tab.

Ah. I'm tired.

morganfell3967d ago

No, because the PS3 did not lose FF13. The 360 gained a 360 version, not to be confused with the PS3 version at all. Also, the game of real combat, FF13 Versus is still PS3 exclusive.

3967d ago
Expy3967d ago

Don't know why everyone's saying "lose, lost, etc." pathetic fanboy propaganda just to hype things up. People who previously washed off Final Fantasy as a series just because it "was" exclusive are now flocking to it as if it was their god.

Playstation 3 still has Final Fantasy XIII, and Versus XIII, and probably more (to be announced tomorrow). So what? More people get to play a great game, BOO HOO.

unsunghero283967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

PS3 gamers still get to play it, probably first and probably better. I'm not saying that to piss off any MS fans, I'm just pointing out that this really isn't a loss. Rather, it's sharing the FF love.

Besides, I think we've all seen enough fanboy nonsense for the day.

Shaka2K63967d ago

The xbug 3rd60 will still stay in last place world wide.

Bill Gates3967d ago

expect a lot of M$ propaganda in the coming days.

G4 sucks M$'s butt juice......AHHAHHAAHAHAHAAHAHH AHHA

TOM3967d ago

I had it marked as a pre-order for my ps3 untill this news hit.Now it will be bought for my 360.Seem to me thats a lose/gain........i'm just sayin'

If i'm the only one ,they you're right,it wont matter.If,however,there are more like me............

theKiller3967d ago

FF franchise is a big hardware mover in japan and in a smaller scale in the rest of the world, so japan get it only on ps3, so sony wont lose sales in japan where FF have most effect on,

the rest of the world well... they will get it on the same day or time exclusive for ps3 in either way the ps3 version will be the better with no doubts because it was build on it for many years now and it will uses the blue ray advantage, while 360 version have DVD9 and a week processor, in the end the ps3 version will be better! and those in the rest of the world who is waiting for FF13 to get a ps3 r very minority, most r waiting for a price drop.

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