Total War: Attila Blood And Burning DLC Has Enraged Consumers

One Angry Gamer "If you’ve always had a problem paying for stuff that used to be included in the base game, then you’re not going to like the latest bit of DLC for Creative Assembly’s Total War: Attila. The new game content has gone live and it’s brought plenty of criticisms from indignant gamers tired of the DLC shenanigans surrounding the series."

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Jdoki1521d ago

Vote with your wallet.

Unfortunately considering they have done this in two previous games, makes me think that the minority is vocal in their opposition, but most people are willing to take it.

It's an unfortunate situation.

We gamers moan and complain about DLC and being screwed over, but the only reason this happens is because we let publishers / developers do it to us.

A business model only works when it actually generates business! If it doesn't work it will be changed.