The Joker as playable character in Bloodborne

PSX-Sense writes: "One of our members successfully created The Joker from Batman in Bloodborne and the results are stunning. It shows the endless possibilities of the character creation options in Bloodborne."

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vishmarx1523d ago ShowReplies(5)
miyamoto1522d ago

I always thought of how a Medivial Batman would look like.

billybehr1522d ago

Check this out. It's some different takes on Batman in different time periods. Medieval is one of them :)

SmielmaN1522d ago

Omg. I am going to try and do this!!! Great work by that person!

Deadlead1522d ago

Yeah that's impressive, thought the character creator was a little disappointing... But it was me:(

christian hour1522d ago

I've literally been avoiding all info on this game since the announce trailer. Had no idea there was an extensive character creation in it. At all! Less than 7 more hours to go for me :D

(I'm in Europe but sadly Ireland gets lumped in with UK release dates... Despite having spent hundreds of years getting out of the oppresive rule of the commonwealth... Kind of insulting, no? Although sometimes we do get stuff on the EU dates, I'd wish they'd make their minds up with these release dates.)

PudgeyBurrito1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I made Keanu Reeves as a playable character in mine.

DarkOcelet1522d ago

Lol, that looks just like him in John Wick. Nice.

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Septic1522d ago

Very nice! I thought the editor was cack but clearly my skills were the problem! Might try and replicate this.

DragonKnight1522d ago

The editor is cack. I didn't even bother trying because I stopped caring about trying to make a decent looking character in a Souls or Souls like game. I just slapped on a dignified coif, Dudley'd up the facial hair, and named my character Papa Slim, the Pimp of Yharnam.

This user had to have spent hours trying to get this look.

Septic1522d ago

Ah okay. Yeah had a look at it and the thing was really unwieldy. The game really does't want to explain its menus and stuff either.

I'm actually going to go back and make my character again because I didn't know you could pick your origin and mostly because my character looks like Michael Jackson suffering from jaundice.

DragonKnight1522d ago

The character editor in all the Souls games is terrible. It's probably the one thing about them all I don't like. It has the potential to be great, but From seems to get stuck on it and you can never make decent, or human, looking people.

Bloodborne's UI is also terrible in my opinion. It's overly simplistic to the point of offering almost nothing of value. When you look at the UI of all the other Souls games, they were absolutely fantastic. Beautifully designed, had all the information you could need, and they weren't hard to navigate in the first place. I don't know why Bloodborne did away with all that but I wish they'd patch in a better UI.

LOL that's probably an improvement over what Michael Jackson actually looked like. He looked like he could be in a Souls game.

christian hour1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )


"you can never make decent, or human, looking people."

This is good news for me, I always make my characters horribly grotesque and deformed, my character in ESIV:oblivion had the biggest nose, a curly chin and the skinniest face, he kinda looked like ganondorf, and I used to love making an army of mutants in those ps1/ps2 smackdown games

This is bad news for anyone who likes to play as themselves.

DragonKnight1522d ago

@christian hour: Yeah a lot of people actually like making the worst looking characters possible so if that's you're thing, awesome. I just try to make someone that looks normal. Lol.

christian hour1522d ago


I'm gonna try and make a normal looking character at first, in your honour. I'll msg you the results :)

DragonKnight1522d ago

@christian hour: Good luck, and I'm honored. Lol.

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SpinalRemains1381522d ago

Well done!

That's gotta be the greatest use of imagination ever!


Septic1522d ago

I think mankind has utilised its imagination to a greater extent mate but yeah, its well done xD

Ozmoses1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Yeah it was imaginative for the person who thought of the Joker and originally created him.

This is just a fan inserting his favorite comic book villain into a game so he can play as him..

no imagination needed... just facial features and color schemes.

it's pretty cool nonetheless... but nothing over the top or super special.

I'm sure there are tons of crazy character creations.

Personally my dude looks like Charles Manson with a hint of Harry Potter (wearing glasses), with a "X" that goes across his face. So he is a little reminiscent of the guy in Full Metal Alchemist also.

Sir_Simba1522d ago

Seems like batman killed him aright, he went to hell alright.

psplova1522d ago

Very nice. Wish I woulda thought of that!

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