Vista Hits, Sony Kills Blu-ray, the Birth of Megatasking

When the security industry itself is saying it needs massive help, the only thing that can be done is to change how the game is played. While there are a number of compelling benefits to Vista, the big one is that it gives the security industry a chance to get ahead of the wave.

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MicroGamer6381d ago

Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Somebody call 911. I'm laughing so hard I forgot how to breathe!

DJ6381d ago

But could you provide the actual sales figures of the drive?

BIadestarX6381d ago

It is selling out. that's a fact. after going to gamestop for 1 week I finally found one. I cast my vote on favor of HD-DVD today (and 3 of my friends that also own 360). The reason why you don't notice it's simply because you don't want one or care. Not everyone is like you DJ.

big_tim6381d ago (Edited 6381d ago )

When Sony announced the inclusion of blueray, the MS fanboys jumped in saying why... Then others said that gamers don't buy game machines to watch movies and that they wouldn't make a difference. Now they are counting on those same gamers that supposedly don't use their game machines to watch movies to fight the format war. This is very John Kerryish with the flip flopping. First they say no we don't need it, then they say awe we need to support it. That is what drives me crazy.

What they still don't acknowledge is this method of getting HD-DVD is more expensive then buying a standalone player and equally as expensive as the PS3.

I know MS is pushing the whole "choice" thing, but now they are diving head first into the format war that they won't completely support (games wise).

The best part of the HD-DVD add on is it can be hooked up to your computer if you are into that. But to say that the add on will win the format war is ridiculous.

The only thing that will kill blueray is Sony. They are crippling the format because of lack of players. They say that the diode shortage will lighten soon, then we can have a clearer view of what will happen with the format war.

BIadestarX6381d ago

"They say that the diode shortage will lighten soon, then we can have a clearer view of what will happen with the format war." Keep your finger cross... if Sony continue with the mentality that people will wait for the PS3 and blu-ray just because of brand loyalty they are on for a surprise.

InMyOpinion6381d ago

They do have a history of formats gone to hell. Betamax, Minidisc, ATRAC, UMD...

big_tim6381d ago

I agree they have had some flops. They have also had some great successes DVD, walkman... Aside from cost, the blueray technology to me has the most to offer in the long run when cost comes down. I am not going to invest in either format (other than getting a PS3 for games not movies) until a unified format comes about or one dies off. But it is hard not to jump in when you view either format in 1080p at best buy. Stunning visuals.

Marriot VP6381d ago (Edited 6381d ago )

Anyways I doubt the 20% HD-DVD attach rate. Think about how many people bought the add on for their PC. That is very easy to set up you know.

360 + HD-DVD or

Oh and bladestar, it's hardly the wait that will determine if people buy a PS3. It's the price, and waiting for the price to come down.

UrbanJabroni6381d ago (Edited 6381d ago )

It is still one more HD-DVD player sold, and the money is still going to MS. Microsoft as well as the HD-DVD camp can still add it as one more sale and thus a little bit more muscle with which to lean on content providers to go with HD-DVD. Why does Microsoft really care if you hook it up to your tv or your 360 or your computer?

Beyond that, I would imagine that most of us on this board feel that _both_ formats are bound to fail...even if the PS3 comes with a BluRay that doesn't mean the end-users will be purchasing the movies. HDtv figures are _still_ not anywhere near critical mass, and a large portion of those tvs were sold to watch Hi-Def sports, I would imagine, and this demographic isn't likely to care much about spending an extra $10 on purchasing a DVD. Some of us film snobs think people run out and buy DVDs...we are in the minority, as most of the world rents...diluting the numbers that the content providers see.

Sorry about ramblin' on. ;)

DC RID3R6381d ago

360 + HD-DVD or

the hd-dvd COULD become the add-on of 2007 easy!!!

just think about how many pc owners there are out there, most of whom are pretty clued-up concerning tech, now add to the fact 720p/1080p movies readily available, the hd-dvd player looks like a sure thing!!

Marriot VP6381d ago

the point was "urban", that I didn't think 20% of 360 owners cared about HD-DVD to that extent.

of course all the money filters to the same place.

calderra6381d ago

HD-DVD and BluRay are both stupid. I have broadband, and if I want high-def (which I don't), I'll just download it at this point. Screw both of the formats.

Which is why I'm glad that, with 360, I don't have to invest in either.

Heck, I still have zero plans on getting an HDTV even remotely soon. Screw "high-def" altogether for the time being. Until people start actually dropping support for SDTV (or prices on HDTV), I'm not spending the $500+ it would take to get a good gaming HDTV.

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shinoff21831d 22h ago

Idk about numbers but it certainly seems so. I'm cool with indies so no biggie.

anast1d 20h ago

I'm cool too, but perception is just that.


Sony CEO says although AI "has been used for creation," it's "not a substitute for human creativity"

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1nsomniac3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

...not yet but 100% within the next 10 years!

..Then Sony will use it like the drop of a hat. They're no different to the others.

isarai2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

They used to be 😞 sure it was always a business, and money's always the priority, but they used to have a very strong stance on supporting artists and creativity. "Dont f#@k with the artist" was a phrase they touted a few times back in the ps1-ps3 era, a philosophy carried over from their music branch PlayStation was created from. It's not COMPLETELY gone, but it's barely there compared to what it was back then, i just want them to return to that.

Eonjay2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I am highly encouraged by their statement about human creativity. "Dont f#@k with the artist" is exactly what they are saying. But at the same time, I don't think people understand that Sony is a corporation. If they don't realize growth, they don't get to exist. When you say 'Sony', you are talking about a bunch of investors. To speak about them any other way is a illogical and incorrect. They haven't changed. They have been a group of investors since they became a public business.

isarai2d ago

Ugh, i really wish people would stop gambling people's livelihoods by turning a project/game into their political soapbox. Im all for statements and having your own opinion, but there's more people working on this than just druckman, ham fisting your political beliefs onto just seems inconsiderate for everyone elses job security when it can result in a failure due to people avoiding it for that reason.

I play games for escape, im so tired of nearly every AAA game blatantly dragging real world issues to shove in my face when I'm trying to take a break from it all. They don't even bother to be subtle about it, quite the opposite, it's blasted and force fed to you and it's just getting exhausting

Einhander19722d ago

People are taking a whole interview and cutting it down to clips that make him look bad and take what he actually was saying out of context. For example he also said things like this AI has "ethical issues we need to address"

-Foxtrot2d ago


Why defend him at this point?

It’s not taking things out of context, he said what he said.

Old ND would never talk about soulless AI taking over so many creative things they are well known for. The whole “ethical issues” is just a good PR spin people who push this crap fall back on to make their statements not seem as bad. So many AI lovers do this.

AI has no place is so many creative based things.