A Dota Player's First Impressions of Heroes of the Storm

BNR: It’s been a while since another MOBA really caught my eye- Dota 2 is my main game, and I’ve been popping into League of Legends from time to time in order to learn a thing or two (I have some friends who play) and I at least tried my hand at Dawngate before the game shut down.

Not too long ago, Blizzard announced that they’d be trying their hand at everybody’s favorite new genre with a MOBA called Heroes of the Storm, a game that combines characters from Blizzard’s various games (Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft, etc.). As a fan of Dota 2, I have some familiarity with MOBAs- I’ll be talking about my first impressions of HotS from my perspective as a Dota 2 player. Please keep in mind that these are first impressions- these are just the things I’ve noticed and my initial feelings about the game. As I play more of the game, my feelings may change, so if you’re a big fan of HotS, please forgive me if I’ve missed or misinterpreted some aspect of the game.

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League of Legends' New Arena Mode Changes Breathe Life Into a Stale Formula

TNS: "A League of Legends game mode, Arena, will return with some major changes that may breathe some life for a stagnant game."

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MSI 2024 Patch Revealed by Lead Gameplay Designer

ESTNN writes: "Hwei, LeBlanc and Ryze stand above the rest as the strongest players in the League of Legends 14.8 mid-lane due to substantial buffs in their scaling, base damage and crowd control (CC) respectively."


Heroes of The Storm Gets Another New PTR Patch Notes: Is It Alive?

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