Mirror's Edge: Beatable without Firing a Single Bullet

Shacknews writes: " DICE's first-person action-adventure title Mirror's Edge (PC, PS3, 360) was shown at today's EA E3 press event.

The demonstration was identical to that shown at the Game Developers Conference, with one minor difference. This time around, the PlayStation 3 version was demoed, instead of the Xbox 360 version.

Reaction time, which slows down the game a la bullet time, was used to make an extremely long jump. An EA DICE representative also noted that reaction time can be used to perform more advanced combat moves."

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MK_Red3964d ago

Another reason why this game will PWN!
So far, Fallout 3 and Mirror's Edge are my personal candidates for Game of the Show.

legendkilla3964d ago

ya i will agree with you there! im liking the "perks"

MK_Red3963d ago

Perks are AWESOME but I'm really sad that they come every level now so that the 20 level cap could be inforced :(

OOG3963d ago

Yeah Fallout was pretty badass looking especially when people limbs went flyn everywhere

buckethead_X3964d ago

appears to be made of both win and pwn, but time will tell. ( I hope it is. It looks gorgeous and fun O-O ) Maybe it will partially redeem EA, as some people don't really like them anymore :/

mepsipax3964d ago

this is probably one of the most refreshing games I've seen in a while, compared to the now stagnating First Person genre this is a shining diamond in a sea of coal. Yay a real colour pallete!

El_Colombiano3964d ago

Awesome! Oh wait, I've already done this in Metal Gear Solid 4. Although, it's great to see games straying away from the run and gun gameplay we're plagued with at the moment.

PirateThom3964d ago

Beautiful game, hope the gameplay is as as beautiful as the graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.