Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Rumored To Appear At D23 Expo

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed to appear at D23 Expo this November and rumors are circulating that gameplay would be available to fans.

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DarkOcelet2870d ago

I am pretty sure we will see something at E3 first.

MegaRay2870d ago

Yup. Maybe a release date at d23 expo.

hkgamer2870d ago

its quite embarassing how fast kh3 production has been compared to ffxv.

im also wondering if there would be any changes in the look of the game. kh3 is now on the unreal engine and im just wondering if certain things will look different.

Kumomeme2870d ago

dont quickly give conclusion

beside,it might be target render.. or not

beside we dont even know how percent the development had progress and actually when it began

ffxv also had showcased they gameplay even it since it was called versus xiii in 2011

and after yearsin e3 2013 we had see gameplay and now 2015 the game had 60% and their still in middle of tune up the combat

so by having showcased part of actuall gameplay doesnt mean it has progress faster

and yes,compared to ffxv which progress alongside yet to complete luminous engine,kh3 benefits from already finished engine ue4

hkgamer2869d ago

versus xiii was being on a developed engine aswell, the xiii engine.

gameplay has been shown of that game a few years after the announcement and the advent children blu-ray showed gamers the behind closed door video of versus xiii.

since then it just seems like they have been doing nothing in develment. i find that very embarassing, especially for their number1 franchise.