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"As the crumpled corpse of one of Bloodborne’s hulking boss monstrosities disintegrated at my feet, that peculiar mixture of relief, bliss, and nagging jabs of dread returned. It’s a particular feeling that’s all but absent in the space between From Software games, and a testament to the potency of the studio’s action role-playing formula. The mechanical basis of Bloodborne shares much in common with the Dark Souls games, albeit with an aggressive new pace of combat that serves to strip away even more comfort from what little exists in those games. Despite a few technical oversights that poke holes in the dense, immersive experience that Bloodborne otherwise wraps around you, it’s thus far been an enthralling, exhausting, and utterly exhilarating journey."

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DarkOcelet1523d ago

This game better get higher score than Evolve IGN. 9.5/10 is the least you should give this game.

Jalva1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

It might just win GOTY, still not gonna be easy though as the competition is brutal, The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight and MGSV are all fighting for that crown too.

DarkOcelet1523d ago

There are many beauties coming this year. Its a great year to be a gamer.

Rimeskeem1523d ago

I hope Bloodborne wins at least a GOTY award from somewhere.

Deadlead1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

The scores coming in are huge! And usually IGN comes in at or around the the metacritic average so I'm guessing 9.25-9.5

chrismichaels041523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Bloodborne is getting some great scores across the board. GameInformer gave it a 9.75. Everyone else is giving it around 9.0 scores. As of right now, its sitting on a 93 on metacritic with almost 30 reviews. Not a bad start at all. Definitely the biggest new game release of March and a great addition to the PS4 library.

Kingthrash3601523d ago

Bet they give it a 8 for hits.....8.5 at most...mark my words.

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-Foxtrot1523d ago

Don't remind me of that....9.5 for Evolve <sigh>

Seriously something went on for that game

Not one reviewer mentioned the lacking content or the fact it's full to the brim with DLC packs you have to buy

DarkOcelet1523d ago

They probably got the game,dlc and something else for free. And we are the ones paying for it.

dcj05241523d ago

Angry Joe mentioned it.

DragonKnight1523d ago

You think this will be bad? I'm waiting to see what Polygon gives it.

"Blood represents institutionalized misogyny that was rampant in Victorian England. 2/10 -Ben Kuchera"

Jason_Plays_PC1523d ago

The game is getting great reviews no need to worry about ign,s review, they lost the last of their credibility when they gave alien isolation 6.5 and evolve 9.5.. They review based on swag bags and checks.

Cra2yey31523d ago

Evolve got a 9.0 just for the record. People just brush off other people's words I noticed. The first comment meant he wanted Bloodborne to get at least a 9.5 cause he doesn't want it in the same catogory as Evolve.

bloop1523d ago

I actually passed on Isolation after the negative reviews but picked it up when it was on sale on the PSN store there a couple of months ago. 6.5 for that game is ridiculous. At least an 8.5 in my opinion anyway. I don't think they'll score Bloodborne low though, not with all the other positive reviews going around. I was going to wait to get this as I have a huge backlog of games at the moment. Halfway through the Witcher 2, on the last few final missions of FC4 and have Dragon Age sitting on my ps4 hdd not even started yet. With all these 9's coming in I think BB is going to jump to the top of the queue though :-/

-Foxtrot1522d ago

The thing is about Isolations review is that IGN's might be too low but other sites gave it a score too high.

Least IGN noted the faults of the game

I mean it was good but no where near a 9, 9.5 or 10.

miyamoto1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

The game site reviewers has CHANGED their approach in reviewing Bloodborne.

The reviews come as a discussion/analysis review with two gamers discussing rather than the view of just one person.

Very interesting take on reviews.


Games Radar

Very informative.
This game changes a lot of things

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mushroomwig1523d ago

I'm expecting high praise from IGN, I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't praise it.

DarkOcelet1523d ago

Too many 9's and 10's out there. IGN 5/10

dcj05241523d ago

I don't like video games 6/10

badz1491523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

too dark, no variety in colour pallete and no quickscope - 5/10!

Aceman181523d ago

IGN 6.5/10 just because we can :)

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