Ubisoft Reveals Rich Gameplay But Less Beefy Storyline

Like other Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game releases, Tom Clancy's The Division will focus less on the narrative but will instead create action scenarios during missions that would give more excitement to the players.

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Hazmat131523d ago

i don't like this... i want story story first, gameplay later.

slappy5081523d ago

I disagree. Gameplay is more important, seeing as they are games. It's also traditionally difficult to create a rich story in MMOs due to there being 1000s of players on a server at a given time, thus you cant create a story focussed on a specific character, because if you do everyone who is playing is that specific protaginist at the given point which is the challenge. Imagine playing in a MMO wolrd where everyone is Masterchief for example, that don't feel very authentic.

ninsigma1523d ago

That's whay Destiny did though. I know it's not strictly an MMO, but it basically is.

slappy5081523d ago

In destinys case you were just referred to as The Guardian. I guess everyone was the same because you start the game waking up not knowing who you are. It probably would've been better if you started in the tower and fight with all the other guardians to protect the last stronghold. It felt like that throughout Destiny's gameplay , but not in the beginning that you are a guardian here with millions of other guardians. See it is quite easy to pick up on flaws in a MMOs story that's why it's better to just expect good gameplay- with lots of content

TonyPT1523d ago

How about to expect a good story with a great gameplay? That's what makes a great game.

UKmilitia1523d ago

a game like The Division doesnt need a huge story,it just needs enough of one to give you all a reason to be doing what your doing i nthe game.

Meltic1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

How can you enjoy a game without any story??... Basically the division is just a shooting/rpg game without any story. You find loot, lvl up, KILl other players or other enemies if there is any AI in the game. That game is going to die out pretty quickly i Think just like Destiny.... If the divsion have cool quests with save random people from being killed and go into houses to look for Children and bring them to a safe zone and more Epic quests then this game is Worth my time.

Septic1523d ago

If you want story first you're probably better off reading Tom Clancy's books instead mate :)

Gameplay first. ALWAYS! COME ON!

Rachel_Alucard1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Just as long as they don't make all the missions like GTA: O's repetitive instances of shooting at aimbot AI and losing the cops I don't see why we would need a compelling story. This looks like it's trying to avoid following in Destiny's footsteps with it's pretentious story being sidelined and lore shelved completely. At least now they can focus on what matters most in the game for months after release instead of that thing you see once and never again.

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carlingtat1523d ago

I can forgive not having a massive story as long as they use other means of telling stories the way Bioshock and the last of us did with techniques like diaries, notes, letters, audio, etc. Very effective in the immersion of the world.

JamesBondage1523d ago

As long there's enough story

OUROSMAG1523d ago

So basically it is pretty much like all other MMOs to date... anyone expecting otherwise might be disappointed.

bananaboats1523d ago

Just make the story clear to us, I don't wanna be asking myself what the hell is going on all throughout the game.

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